Saturday, August 14, 2021

BATTERS: Dramatically improved and new Statis-Pro Batter Cards Listed by Team

Click here for the list of updated pitchers' cards from the previous blog.

As they battle for the MVP award in real baseball, two home run numbers were added to the Statis-Pro cards of both Shohei Ohtani (now 24-33 is a home run) and Vlad Guerrero Jr. (now 28-27 is a home run).

These are among the 102 updates to Statis-Pro batters cards from among the 2021 projected cards you can get by clicking here. To determine which batter cards should be updated, we matched batter's current ERA (adjusted slightly for ballpark) against the Ballpark Neutral OPS resulting from the projected stats used to create their 2021 projected cards. 

When playing the Statis-Pro baseball game, if you would like to update those cards to more accurately reflect this season's stats, then look down the teams you are playing in alphabetical order and adjust his Home Run range accordingly, by leaving the rest of the card the same except for changing the Home Run range. If the Home Run range is made smaller, then move the DEEP numbers down to the next number or numbers after the HR, and then the strikeout range begins. If the Home Run range gets larger, then move the DEEP numbers up and then start the strikeout range.

In addition, we noted seven other strong new batters that did not have a card. You can always make a new batter's card based on their OPS. If you do this the player gets a standard card with singles on 11-17, doubles on 18-24, a triple on 25 and then home runs starting with a 26. If a player's OPS is closest to .550, his only home run number is a 26. If .600 he hits a homer on 26-27, if .650 then 26-28, if .700 then 26-31 and then keep adding one more home run number for every .050 OPS higher than .700. The rest of his card includes one DEEP number one higher than the top Home Run number, then strikeouts up to 48, a Walk from 51-54, Hit by Pitch on 55 and out on 56-88.

However, in the case of the seven new players below, we also calculated the batter cards for the seven new players below.

In most cases with new cards assume an E5 and OBR/SP of C/D, but we noted a couple of new players below who are either an A/B or in one case an A/A. Here are the adjustments cards of players who are either much better or worse than their projected card, followed by what team you can go to in order to find the original 2021 projected card and what that card's home run range was.

NameTeamHR card (OBR/SP)Old CardOld HR
Christian WalkerARI26-28ARI26-32
Domingo LeybaARI27-27ARI28-32
Kole CalhounARI22-26ARI22-27
Wyatt MathisenARI22-24ARI22-27
Austin RileyATL24-32ATL24-31
Freddie FreemanATL31-35ATL31-36
Kevan SmithATL27-27TBR31-32
Marcell OzunaATL28-33ATL28-36
Cedric MullinsBAL27-34BAL27-31
Maikel FrancoBAL28-32KCR28-33
Pat ValaikaBAL25-27BAL25-31
Marwin GonzalezBOS26-27MIN26-31
Ian HappCHC23-26CHC23-28
Rafael OrtegaCHC26-33 (A/B)New 
Andrew VaughnCHW26-33New 
Billy HamiltonCHW26-28CHC11-13
Luis GonzalezCHW24-32CHW24-26
Jesse WinkerCIN26-33CIN26-32
Joey VottoCIN25-32CIN25-28
Jonathan IndiaCIN26-33 (A/B)New 
Nicholas CastellanosCIN26-34CIN26-33
Nick SenzelCIN26-28CIN26-31
Eddie RosarioCLE28-34MIN28-35
Charlie BlackmonCOL33-36COL33-37
Matt AdamsCOL18-23ATL18-25
Trevor StoryCOL27-34COL27-35
Akil BaddooDET26-32 (OBR/SP: A/A)New 
Eric HaaseDET17-25DET17-24
JaCoby JonesDET25-33DET25-28
Jake RogersDET17-24DET17-23
Nomar MazaraDET26-28CHW26-31
Wilson RamosDET31-33NYM31-34
Alex BregmanHOU25-31HOU25-32
Chas McCormickHOU26-32New 
Yuli GurrielHOU31-34HOU31-33
Hunter DozierKCR24-28KCR24-31
Ryan McBroomKCR25-28KCR25-31
Anthony RendonLAA26-32LAA26-33
Kurt SuzukiLAA31-32WSN31-33
Max StassiLAA22-28LAA22-27
Shohei OhtaniLAA24-33LAA24-31
Yoshi TsutsugoLAA22-24TBR22-27
AJ PollockLAD26-34LAD26-32
Cody BellingerLAD24-31LAD24-33
Gavin LuxLAD27-32LAD27-33
Max MuncyLAD18-28LAD18-26
Sheldon NeuseLAD27-28OAK27-31
Isan DiazMIA25-26MIA25-27
Jazz ChisholmMIA15-22MIA15-18
Lewis BrinsonMIA23-27MIA23-25
Christian YelichMIL25-28MIL25-32
Jace PetersonMIL25-27MIL25-26
Jackie Bradley JrMIL25-28BOS25-31
Keston HiuraMIL24-27MIL24-32
Omar NarvaezMIL25-31MIL25-28
Travis ShawMIL22-26TOR22-26
Willy AdamesMIL26-33TBR26-31
Andrelton SimmonsMIN35-35LAA35-36
Jake CaveMIN26-27MIN26-31
Miguel SanoMIN17-26MIN17-27
Mitch GarverMIN23-28MIN23-27
JD DavisNYM26-33NYM26-32
Jeff McNeilNYM34-36NYM34-37
Michael ConfortoNYM25-28NYM25-32
Aaron HicksNYY22-25NYY22-26
Gleyber TorresNYY26-32NYY26-34
Luke VoitNYY24-31NYY24-33
Tim LocastroNYY31-31ARI31-32
Austin AllenOAK25-32OAK25-31
Matt OlsonOAK18-28OAK18-27
Seth BrownOAK26-32New 
Starling MarteOAK33-37MIA33-36
Alec BohmPHI32-34PHI32-35
Andrew KnappPHI24-24PHI25-27
Didi GregoriusPHI28-34PHI28-35
Bryan ReynoldsPIT26-32PIT26-28
Kevin NewmanPIT32-32PIT33-33
Todd FrazierPIT25-25NYM25-28
Adam FrazierSDP31-34PIT31-33
Jake CronenworthSDP31-33SDP31-32
Luis CampusanoSDP23-23SDP26-28
Dylan MooreSEA22-25SEA22-26
Jake FraleySEA24-28SEA24-27
Brandon BeltSFG25-32SFG25-31
Brandon CrawfordSFG27-33SFG27-31
Buster PoseySFG33-37SFG33-34
Curt CasaliSFG22-27CIN22-26
Evan LongoriaSFG27-34SFG27-32
LaMonte Wade JrSFG25-28MIN25-26
Steven DuggarSFG27-31SFG27-28
Thairo EstradaSFG27-33NYY27-31
Ali SanchezSTL26-32NYM26-26
Andrew KniznerSTL28-31STL28-32
Justin WilliamsSTL26-27STL26-31
Tyler O'NeillSTL21-28STL21-27
Mike BrosseauTBR27-28TBR27-32
Mike ZuninoTBR16-25TBR16-23
Adolis GarciaTEX26-31 (A/B)New 
Andy YoungTEX22-28ARI22-26
Jose TrevinoTEX28-28TEX28-32
Nate LoweTEX25-28TBR25-31
Ronald GuzmanTEX23-24TEX25-28
George SpringerTOR24-33HOU24-32
Rowdy TellezTOR24-27TOR24-31
Vladimir Guerrero JrTOR28-37TOR28-35
Andrew StevensonWSN31-31WSN31-32
Josh BellWSN24-28PIT24-31
Juan SotoWSN26-33WSN26-34
Victor RoblesWSN27-28WSN27-31

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