Saturday, July 30, 2022

Top 10 Statis-Pro Cards Added to New Team July 1- 30

Here are the top 10 Statis-Pro cards picked up by new teams in trades from July 1 to July 30.

The big names will likely move in the final couple of days before the trade deadline the evening of August 2.

For pitchers, go tot the projected 2022 pitchers cards. However, in the case of the biggest pitcher acquisition Luis Castillo, who went from the Reds to the Mariners, he did not have a pitching card because he was not on the opening week roster. When that happens, go to thespreadsheet of all pitchers to find the player or if you do not see one, pick the ERA closest to his projected ERA or FIPs to pick a card.

In this case we pulled both Castillo, and the Mets Jacob deGrom, who is finally being activated. The bottom two lines of this table show their numbers on the inactive sheet.

Normally you would just write up a card for Castillo as well as deGrom, however we actually typed out their numbers and added them to the bottom of the sheet and below.

#1 trade pick-up so far - Luis Castillo from the Reds to Mariners (we just added deGrom here too so the Mets can use him now).

With a batter, check first on the projected 2022 batters cards from the beginning of the season. The biggest batter pick-ups in order of who good the Statis-Pro card appears to be. If a key batter was traded who did not have an opening week card, go to this sheet of all batters to either find the player or use a cards based on his OPS.

#2 pickup so far is the Yankees picking up Andrew Benintendi from the Royals to replace Joey Gallo, who actually had a strong hitting card in our game but was having a terrible actual season for the Yankees.

#3 pickup is the Rays getting David Peralta.

The Rays picked up Peralta, who gives them another great fielding outfielder (E1, CD4, T5 is the best rating an outfielder can have), decent speed (OBR: B, though not a steal threat at D), and above average (OPS.749) hitter who also makes good contact if the Ray need a runner in from 3rd base (only strikes out 37-43).

#4 pickup is the Dodgers getting Chris Martin.

A PB 2-8 is the second best ranking, indicating he is one of the 15% most effective Statis-Pro cards in the game. While Castillo above is one worse at PB2-7, it is more important to have a starting pitcher like Castillo who can pitch up to 7 innings, vs. a pitcher like Martin who normally pitches just 2 innings every 4 games.

#5 pickup is the Mets getting Daniel Vogelbach.

Not much defense from the big guy, but he can slug and gets on base an incredible 41-64 for a walk.

#6 pickup is the Yankees getting Tyler Wade.

At first glance Wade is a weak fielding third baseman (E5, CD2) with an even weaker bat (.619 OPS, and actually does not have any home run range (26-25 backward range means no numbers in the range, though a deep drive of 26-28 could go out based on the ballpark).

However, the Yankees do not need another bat or glove. Wade's OBR and STL (Steal) numbers of A/AA make give him the best numbers when the team needs a pinch runner to come in and steal 2nd base and likely even 3rd base, before racing home on a single.

#7 pickup is the Pirates getting Yohan Ramirez.

his 3 Max IP means he can pitch in part or all of 3 innings if his RR 5 holds up, band while we do have a typo on 1b8 (should be 13-14) a pitcher who is average overall (PB 4-7 controls the action 50% of the time) and only allows hits on 11-15 while in control can be a valuable middle reliever.

#8 pickup is the Mets getting Tyler Naquin.

The Mets picked up Tyler Naquin from the Reds, a slightly better hitter that Peralta, but only a slightly above average fielder who hits well against righties but definitely very weak against lefties (LP 14/ 88).

#9 pickup is the Braves getting Robinson Cano.

No longer a star, but Cano's hit range goes up to 34, making him a great guy to deliver a game-winning hit with a runner on second base. The fact that he only has two strikeout numbers (38-41) means he should actually be a hit & run 1 on the card - also valuable and just a typo that we have him as a 0. If a player has no strikeouts on his hitter card, then it should be a hit & run 2.

#10 pickup is the Blue Jays getting Banda.

Below average at a PB 2-6, but with the high scoring Blue Jays ballpark, and extra decent pitcher to eat up a few extra innings can be key, and he gives them a lefty.

Other pickups -  Sosa to the Phillies and Romero to the Cubs.

The Phillies picked up shortstop Edmundo Sosa, who is a fairly light hitting batter, but decent in the field at an important position of shortstop.

The Cubs picked up JoJo Romero back from the Phillies for Sosa (see above). Really only a mop up role pitcher in the game as a PB 2-5).

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