Sunday, July 10, 2022

White Sox replace 3/4rds of Rotation in Major Upgrade for Angels Series

 In prep for our Statis-Pro White Sox vs. Angels series, we  checked the rosters for both teams as we had for the other 8 teams in our league this season.

The White Sox pitching rotation was the biggest news. Former Astro Keuchel was no longer on the roster after eight starts and a 7.88 ERA the year after a full season 5.28 ERA which the chart below shows would have made him a PB: 2-5 (next to worst).

The White Sox improved dramatically adding the PB: 2-8 (top 15% of all pitchers) Lou Giolito to give them their immediate ace and move a strong PB:2-7 (top 35%) Dylan Cease to their No. 2 spot for the series. They also added the cards for their No. 3 and 4 starters  in PB: 4-7 (average) Johnny Cueto and Lance Lynn for the next series. This may be the biggest improvement in cards we've seen in this run through to update rosters.

The White Sox also fared better with the update of batters, adding switch hitting power hitting Yoan Moncada with a home run range of 26-31 and .791 OPS for a solid switch hitting 3rd basemen. He moves into the No. 7 spot of a very deep line-up even though they have been slightly below average in scoring runs in the reason season. The only bad news for the White Sox is they lost their cleanup hitter Eloy Jimenez to 60-day DL, but they do get the great fielding and base stealer Adam Eaton to put at the 9-spot to have speed on the bases before Luis Robert comes to the plate.

 The Angels added a decent but below average 3rd baseman David MacKinnon (.716 OPS)but he is a terrible fielder (CD1, E5) and needs to step into the line-up because slugging 3rd baseman Anthony Rendon is on 60-day DL. We keep player cards in the game unless they are no longer on the 40-man roster or are on 60 day DL. If a player is out for a shorter period or even in the minors then we leave his card in the game.

However, the Angels did help their defense with 2nd baseman Luis Rengifo, who is a light hitting 2nd baseman like Jack Mayfield, but a much stronger fielder (CD4 vs. CD2).


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