Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Trout tying HR Foul, the Sewald Strikes Him Out to End Series

Seattle's new super star Julio Rodriguez was as bad as you can be in a Mariners 5-2 loss to the Angels, with 2 strikeouts and hitting in to 3 double plays in 4 trips to the plate.

Then he was as good as he could be in the 2nd game, setting the tone by leading off the game with a Homer to set the tone for a wild 10-8 win on a 4 for 5 game with 2 homers and being hot by a pitch.

Yet the wild affair was not over until his counter part slugging center fielder in the leadoff spot,  Mike Trout, had one last chance. Trout came to the plate as the tying run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and drew a BD (clutch batting) for a free shot at a Homer on a 13-28 - but drew a 51 for a foul homer. With reliever Paul Sewald tiring from a PB 2-8 to a PB 2-7, he did manage to control with a PB 7 and registered a strikeout on a 46, which would have actually been a strikeout even in a trout's card.

Still, the Angels are a surprising 18-18 for a .500 mark, almost .100 better then their disappointing actual season.

Meanwhile Tampa and Houston are the two disappointing seasons so far in Statis-Pro, though the Dodgers were disappointing at this point last year in Statis-Pro and the destroyed everyone the rest of the year. The good news is my friends will know I don't cheat since the Astros are my favorite team and family in Florida are huge Rays fans :-).

Here are the standings and grid of games which shows either how many games the team won out if 6 in that series, so the box starts with an "s" it indicates and upcoming series (eg s7 = 7th series of the season). After that is the photo of the box score between Seattle and LAA.

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