Sunday, April 17, 2022

Instructions for Printing Statis-Pro Cards - Sample using Tampa Rays

When you are ready to print the FREE Statis-Pro Baseball Game, here are the instructions to print out the players and play a game. First click here to open the google sheet of all teams, then scroll down to the team (TBR in column B for Tampa Bay Rays). Use your curser to define only the players, and you do NOT need to define Column S - that is just to keep the players in order.

Hit print, and make sure your settings are on LANDSCAPE to give room for all the columns, and then set to about 80% - until all columns through "R" vs. LHP/RHP are on one page. Then print.

Once printed, I like to cut off the white space on the bottom to make it easier to fit it more easily above the Fast Action Cards or space to roll the dice.

You are ready to play! In this case, we are letting Corey Kluber play against his old team the Cleveland Indians.

Finding Player Not on Roster

Batters such as Fernando Tatis Jr.

If you do not see a player listed with the team of active players, you can add their card. For example, Fernando Tatis Jr. is not on the main Padres roster because he is on the 60-day disabled list. Click on this list of all batters, and scroll down alphabetically and you will see Tatis card, perhaps the best hitting card in baseball with a home run range of 24-34 and A/A speed. Note that if you are looking for a player NOT on this list either, you can still make up a card simply by taking his projected OPS and matching it to the closest OPS listed in the frozen top rows.

Pitchers Such as Chris Sale

Likewise Chris Sale is on 60-day DL so is not listed with the Red Sox active roster on the main blog, but you can click on the list of all pitchers and scroll down to find him. As you can see Sale is one of the most dominant pitchers in the game - a rare top rating (PB 2-9) for a starter who can give up to 6 innings if his SR13 holds up, and has a better strike out range (24-50) and walk range (51-56) then even the average PB 4-7. Since a PB 2-9 controls the action 83% of the time, this could be the best pitchers card in the game this year. If a pitcher is not listed, just pick the closes ERA or FIP projetion andmatch the card based on column A.

Using these google sheets, you can use any player that comes up to the majors, as long as you have an OPS or ERA/FIPs.

You can also create actual cards for any player using their stats on this form.

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