Friday, April 15, 2022

2022 Statis-Pro Baseball Cards are Ready! Arizona Diamondbacks to Chicago Cubs in this blog

 The 2022 Statis-Pro baseball cards are now ready in sheet form! Note, we made slight corrections on the google sheet, but the only adjustment to the cards below if you want complete accuracy is to subtract 4 strikeouts and 2 walks from each batter's card.

You can click on this google sheet to pull up all the teams, download or print, or you can click on the icons below and print out the teams one at a time. The game is free - you just need to print these directions and pick up a few dice to use with these cards. This is one of six consecutive blogs, each with five teams. We included players on Opening Day Rosters as well as any injured players, unless they are on 60-day DL.

If you do not see a player on the list with their team, you will likely find them on this bigger alphabetical list of all batters, or all pitchers

This blog includes the five teams from the Arizona Diamondbacks to Chicago Cubs in alphabetical order.

The batters are in alphabetical order in black ink.

The starting pitchers are in blue ink in our suggested order of rotation.

The relief pitchers are in red ink, in our suggested order (closer first, down to weakest relief card).

2 notes this year:

1. As always, a starters SR and RR drops one for every baserunner allowed that is his fault (not errors), every run scored. and every time an inning ends (whether or not he started or came in during the inning). When he drops to 0, then his PB drops one (PB2-9 drops to 2-8, 2-8 to 2-7, etc.). The new items is Max IP, and if he finishes that many innings, then the SR or RR immediately drops to 0 to lower him on PB for the next inning, and then the PB continues to drop with any of the above happening.

2. Because charts include only the type of hit (1B for single, 2B for double) but not the field to which it is hit like the cards do (1Bf, 1B7, 1B8, 1B9, 2B7, etc.) you must look at the Random Number on which the hit occurred and use this chart to determine where it was hit.

Hit on RNHit goes to:
11,12,21,22,31,32,41,42           RN/RP to LF, SN/SP to CF, LN/LP to RF
            exception - 11 is Infield if OBR A or B
13,14,23,24,33,34,43,44           LF (Left Field)
15,16,25,26,35,36           CF (Center Field)
17,18,27,28,37,38           RF (Right Field)

Arizona Diamondbacks - Click icon below and print landscape

Atlanta Braves - Click icon below and print landscape

Baltimore Orioles - Click icon below and print landscape

Boston Red Sox - Click icon below and print landscape

The Red Sox play in one of the four best parks for hitters, therefore their batters cards are adjusted slightly downward and thus would yield a slightly worse OPS than listed below, while the pitchers' cards are slightly better than the ERA shown. The original post had an error in some of the Red Sox DEEP field, but that is fixed below.

Chicago Cubs - Click icon below and print landscape

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