Thursday, April 28, 2022

1st Gm with New FAC Cards 39 minutes despite Wild ChiSox Great Hitting No Defense Game

 It appears the third time was the charm on our simple Fast Action Cards (FAC). The first run led to a long game looking up the out chart, and the second run the cards were too small.

However, yesterday's posting and run worked perfectly in our first game. Despite the White Sox incredible hitting and terrible pitching leading to a wild 7-6 loss to the Indians in a game in which 11 pitchers took the mound. The one thing we may do is print the set of cards twice so that you can get through the game with one deck without reshuffling.

 fact that such a wild game took only 39 minutes to play makes us feel good about recommending Statis-Pro players use these new cards instead of dice.

As for the White Sox they are in last place if our 10 teams, 4 1-2 games back.

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