Sunday, April 24, 2022

Actual 2022 Statis-Pro Cards Are Here!!!! Washington Nats and New Players Below

We have developed the new 2022 baseball cards to play the free Statis-Pro baseball game, and this year fit them into vertical layouts after we had to use a horizontal layout last year that was more clumsy. Unless you already have Statis-Pro Fast Action Cards, you can pick up dice or click here for random cards to replace the dice, cross referencing the chart on the advanced rules charts.

You can also calculate your own cards using this blog, and write them in on the blank cards at the bottom, or you can just pick the closest OPS from the extra cards below that say ".775 OPS," ".675 OPS) etc.

We will print one blog with the cards for each of the 30 teams so you just need to print cards for teams as you need them.

Below are the Washington Nationals batters. We included all players who; 1) were on the opening day team roster, 2) are on the team's DL (disabled list) or, 3) had at least a few at bats or innings pitched during the first couple of weeks of the season.

Batters - Nats and New Players

The following are the Washington Nationals players in alphabetical order, but we also mixed in the extra filler cards for new players.

Not we had two mistakes in this first run that will be changed and this sentence will be removed once fixed. We accidentally put "2021P" instead of "2022P" for these 2022 Projected cards. We also accidentally put BD-2B: 11-18 for every card, but the actual result of a base clearing double on clutch batting goes from 11 to the number before the first BD-HR number.

Pitchers - Nats and New Players

The pitchers cards should be ready within 24 hours and will be added then.

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  1. Nice! I will be patiently waiting for the pitcher cards. I'm not sure if you have posted on the Delphi Forums yet. If not, you should. Thanks again.