Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Fast Action Cards for Statis-Pro - 3rd time the charm

Third time is the charm - you should be able to simply click on this pdf now and print out the 20 pages of simple Statis-Pro Fast Action Cards without any extra steps. There are now enough cards to finish a complete game without reshuffling, and we added where the ball is hit (3rd line of each card) and then if there is a possible error from that reading, the E1-10 range that is an error for the fielder.

All 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) and All 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) are needed to play the Statis-Pro baseball Game, but we did catch one adjustment to the PB rating of pitchers based on the team on which they played. You can either use this link which has the correct numbers for all the pitcher cards or print out the cards from the link above and then adjust all the pitchers on certain teams by referencing this blog.

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