Sunday, April 17, 2022

Early AL Statis-pro Standings and Video

 Here is the schedule tracker for our AL Statis-pro games. Of the 10 teams we are playing, the two with early winning records are the Yankees and on the strength of a 1-hitter by Bieber, the Guardians (former Cleveland Indians).

As you can see from my setup video, I get in a couple of miles walking when I play a couple of games.

The Yankees took two straight, as we finally had two pitching duels except for Seattle's multiple fielding misplays in a 7-run inning in game 1 and a game losing error in the 9th of game 2. With that, Yankees win 8-5 and 2-1.

Here is a screen shot of the standings grid and line I keep for each completed game* but Yanks are now 4-2 and Mariners 2-4.

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