Monday, September 4, 2023

Images of 10 New Value Add Basketball Teams for Printing

We did finish calculated the 10 new teams so that every basketball program in one of the power conferences for 2024 is now represented. That Rutgers 1976 team does look to be the best of the 10. The do appear alphabetically with the other teams on the free Value Add Basketball Game, but you can also click on the image below to print any one of them if that is easier than google docs for you.

The new Rutgers and Virginia Tech teams played before the 3-point line. We use a standard formula by position to break down those players shots and misses into 2-point and 3-point makes and misses. We do then adjust for some famous players for whom there is footage of long shots (eg Pistol Pete at LSU).

We also look at NBA 3-pointers for players who had the line for their pro careers. For example the Rutgers made few or no 3-pointers in the NBA. Virginia Tech's Dell Curry hit more than 40 percent of his 3-pointers from the NBA line over a long career - 
and he seemed to pass on some pretty good shooting genes to Stephen as well, so maybe a 1986 Virginia Tech vs 2008 Davidson father son shootout may be in the future.

The following is the top of that blow with the links: 

This blog contains everything you need to play the Value Add Basketball Game. We added a couple of dozen teams, several from 2022 and 2023, and broke the teams into four lists because the file was opening and printing slowly for some people. Start by choosing two teams to play, click on the appropriate link below, and print the page number indicated for the team.

Click on the all-time great women's teams (we are just starting to have enough stats to make women's cards based on the great work by basketball reference, and will keep adding more teams as they fill in stats.

Men's Teams:

List A - Alabama 1977 to Georgia Tech 2004 (accidentally put UCF here under "Central Florida" for now

Your teams will look something like this, 10 players to a team with the starters in the top row. The are the teams that won our first tournaments - John Wooden's 1972 UCLA team featuring Bill Walton and Pat Summitt's 1998 Tennessee team featuring Tamika Catchings. 

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