Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Bracket for 3rd All-Time Great Hoops Tournament

Here is a bracket to try to make sense of how I've set up the tournament for our new teams in the Value Add Basketball Game. I did not want to play the top new teams by having traditional first round byes and have to get through all the lower ranked teams first.

Instead, I seeded all 42 teams based on their rankings in our kenpom-style rating and set up best against worst (2014 national champs from Duke ranked 14th of all my teams against St. Peter's shocker from last year that ranks 178th of the all-time greats). Each team's seed can move up or down based on their first game only, then once all teams have played once their seed is locked in from 1 to 21.

Rutgers won much more impressively than expected in their first game, and they shot up from 7th to 3rd in our tournament seedings. Kansas barely escaped a scare, so they dropped from 3rd to 4th. These could keep changing based on other teams moving past them (for example, if Duke and UConn were both shocked and knocked out of the tournament, then Rutgers could even move up to No. 1).

So the 21 winners can move up or down in seeds in this bracket, but once all 21 games have been played then the seeds are set and do not move after that even if team's second games are good or bad. The top 11 seeds at that point are in the bracket and already in the Sweet 16, while the 12th through 21st seeds will need to play each other in second round games in order to make the Sweet 16. Here it is, hopefully clear as mud.

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