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The Newest Marquette Team ... MU 2023 BE Champ 90, UCLA 2021 F4 Team 81

Scroll to the bottom for the account of the steals and 3-pointers that led to Marquette 2023 minor upset over UCLA 2021. The three paragraphs below were written before the game as a preview. The updated scores and rankings of the all-time great college basketball teams in the value add game appear here.

Fans who only watch March Madness would assume the UCLA 2021 team that took Gonzaga all the way to overtime in the Final Four would have much better player cards than the Marquette 2023 team that was frustrated by Tom Izzo in a second round loss. And because the Value Add Basketball Game weighs tournament performance disproportionately heavy compared to regular season games, the UCLA cards to appear slightly better. 

However, there is a reason still ranked the 2023 Marquette team as slightly better than the 2021 UCLA team. For starters, a very poor 13-14 Marquette 2021 team actually led at UCLA with less than 10 minutes to play in the game before losing. As of selection Sunday, Marquette 2023 was a much better team than UCLA 2021. The Bruins had lost four straight games to finish 4th in the Pac-12 and be eliminated in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament as barely snuck into the tournament as an 11-seed in the play-in game. Meanwhile Marquette had won nine straight to win the Big East Regular season and tournament, including a second win of the season against eventual champ UConn. 

It makes for an interesting game as we start with the blank box score that we will fill in after the game and then add details below.

Marquette 2023                     PPG   Ht     Gets Ball     Pts   Reb   Stl   Blk  Fls
Tyler Kolek13.16'3PG-1&6143102
Stevie Mitchell7.16'2SG-284504
Kam Jones15.16'4SF-3&7193001
Olivier-Maxence Prosper12.46'8PF-4&8217002
Oso Ighodaro11.56'9C-583012
Sean Jones3.75'10PG-1&621001
Chase Ross4.76'4SG-292003
David Joplin9.46'7SF-3&772001
Keeyan Itejere0.86'9PF-4dnp    
Ben Gold2.76'11C-521001
Marquette 10 Turnovers   90266117
UCLA 2021PPG Gets BallPtsRebStlBlkFls
Tyger Campbell10.45'11PG-1&6132102
Johnny Juzang16.06'6SG-2&7233102
Jules Bernard10.36'6SF-391001
Jaime Jaquez12.36'6PF-4164002
Cody Riley10.06'9C-5&8109032
David Singleton4.76'4PG-141001
Jake Kyman3.06'6C-521002
Jalen Hill6.56'10C-5dnp    
Chris Smith12.66'9SG-2&6dnp    
Jaylen Clark2.56'5C-541011
UCLA 12 Turnovers   81222413

Here are the actual cards

Marquette 2023 pulls off 90-81 win over UCLA 2021

Kam Jones had the best turnover rating and Marquette always has the best steal rating on the court whether it is Stevie Mitchell or Chase Ross, and that was the difference in Marquette pulling away after trailing 45-48 with 30 possessions (18:04) left to play.

Ross plays from possession 44-28 then Stevie Mitchell from 27-1 in our game, a key because both have the highest steal rating in the game of 11-16, 31 which means they can often steal the ball from anyone on the court. ross hit a 3-pointer to pull within 45-46 before turning it over to Mitchell for the duration.

A couple of possessions later Kam Jones combination of no turnovers on his card (the turnover range is 41-46 with the average player turning it over 41-43 but Mitchell with the rare NONE) and his big 3-pointer range of 1-4. With 27 possessions to go, a "41" would have been a turnover for 95% of all players, but Kam avoided the turnover and drained a 3-pointer to tie the game 50-50. He did the same thing later, meaning twice he turned what would be 0 points for almost every player to 3. 

With Marquette trailing 52-53 Kam missed a shot, but Kolak grabbed an offensive rebound and passed to Omax for a dunk. The next possession Omax hit a 3, and then on the following Mitchell had one of his 5 steals and passed ahead to Kolak who hit a 3-pointer to give Marquette a 60-55 lead they would not give up.

Marquette wins to advance to the round of 21 in our tournament of new teams.

As an alum, I did create seven Marquette teams, more than any other team. Here is their record to date in our game:

Marquette 1955 (Terry Rand)  lost to  Gonzaga  (Drew Timme) 2023 (74 to 86)

Marquette 1971 (Jim Chones)  lost to  Duke (Shane Battier) 2001 (69 to 80)

Marquette 1971 (Jim Chones)  beat  Kansas  (Danny Manning) 1988 (67 to 58)

Marquette 1971 (Jim Chones)  lost to  LSU  (Shaquille O'Neal) 1992 (74 to 80)

Marquette 1977 (Butch Lee)  beat  Utah  (Andre Miller) 1998 (79 to 69)

Marquette 1977 (Butch Lee)  lost to  UTEP-Texas Western  1966 (Bobby Joe Hill) 1966 (53 to 54)

Marquette 1994 (Jim McIlvaine)  will play  Seton Hall  2020 (Myles Powell) 2020

Marquette 2003 (Dwyane Wade)  beat  Creighton  (Doug McDermott) 2014 (84 to 83)

Marquette 2003 (Dwyane Wade)  lost to  Georgetown (Roy Hibbert) 2007 (62 to 74)

Marquette 2003 (Dwyane Wade)  lost to  West Virginia  (Kevin Jones) 2010 (74 to 77)

Marquette 2011 (Jimmy Butler)  lost to  Dayton  (Obi Toppin) 2020 (82 to 87)

Marquette 2023 (Tyler Kolak)  beat  UCLA  2021 (Jaime Jaquez) 2021 (90 to 81)

Overall Marquette 4-7 against all-time great teams

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