Friday, September 8, 2023

Harper Blast gives Phillies Sweep in Desperate Scramble for Playoffs

We had a 6 day break from Statis-Pro baseball since previewing the Phillies vs Marlins series. 

A reminder the Phillies had no problem overcoming their 25-29 start in the 162 MLB season, but overcoming their 24-30 start in our 72-game Statis-Pro season. Likewise the Marlins fell apart after a 28-26 MLB start but only need to hold off for a couple more series after 30-24 Statis-Pro start.

That made this a crucial series with only two series remaining after it is over. 

It looked like the Phillies might be dead when the game started with a Jazz Chisholm triple and then he scored on a single. However that was all Aaron Nola would allow in 7 innings, and Bryce Harper's 3-run homer off David Robertson to make it 7-1 Phillies that held up.

The 5+ run win counted as a 3-game sweep, giving the Phillies a pulse with a 27-30 mark and PB 2-8 Michael Lorenzen making the start in the nightcap in Miami.

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