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Statis-Pro Final Schedule, Standings, Links to Starting Pitchers

 As we entire our Statis-Pro stretch run, the only two teams that are truly flipped are the Miami Marlins (30-24 in Statis-Pro) and the Philadelphia Phillies (24-30 in Statis-Pro). They are our next series, and the Phillies did add Michael Lorenzen so will be thrown two PB 2-8 starters at the Marlins in a must win. In the real MLB, it is the Phillies who are surging and the Marlins who are fading.

However, since we cannot play nearly as many games in Statis-Pro as the actual MLB teams, we looked back to the end of May to see how the two teams were doing through their real first 54 games. In fact, the Marlins were 28-26, so only two games worse than their Statis-Pro 30-24, and the Phillies were 25-29, only one game better than their 24-30 Statis-Pro.

The game is pretty darn accurate, and better yet it is free complete with all 2023 projected cards as well as old-timer cards.

This blog includes the current standings, followed by the pitcher match-ups in the rest of our Statis-Pro NL season, and finally the leading ERAs in our game so far this season.

First, here are the remaining games to be played - 4 to 6 starts for each of our nine teams. The teams with the "z" at the beginning are relegated teams who do not play a whole season, but have games left against the nine teams who made our league. Here is the link to our tracker of all our games.

Remaining Starts                          Rotation     Team         Opp    
Zac Gallen1AriSF
Merrill Kelly2AriAtl
Merrill Kelly2ArizLAA
Tommy Henry3AriAtl
Tommy Henry3ArizLAA
Brandon Pfaadt4AriSF
Spencer Strider1AtlzOak
Charlie Morton2AtlAri
Charlie Morton2AtlSF
Max Fried3AtlAri
Max Fried3AtlSF
Kyle Wright4AtlzOak
Mark Leiter1ChCMia
Justin Steele2ChCSF
Marcus Stroman3ChCSF
Jameson Taillon4ChCMia
Andrew Abbott1CinLAD
Hunter Greene2CinzKC
Nick Lodolo3CinzKC
Brandon Williamson4CinLAD
Clayton Kershaw1LADCin
Julio Urias2LADPhi
Julio Urias2LADzMin
Tony Gonsolon3LADPhi
Tony Gonsolon3LADzMin
Bobby Miller4LADCin
Sandy Alcantara1MiaPhi
Trevor Rogers2MiaChC
Trevor Rogers2MiaMil
Johnny Cueto3MiaChC
Johnny Cueto3MiaMil
Eury Perez4MiaPhi
Corbin Burnes1MilMia
Brendon Woodruff2MilPhi
Freddy Peralta3MilPhi
Eric Lauer4MilMia
Zack Wheeler1PhiLAD
Aaron Nola2PhiMia
Aaron Nola2PhiMil
Michael Lorenzen3PhiMia
Michael Lorenzen3PhiMil
Cristopher Sanchez4PhiLAD
Logan Webb1SFAri
Alex Cobb2SFAtl
Alex Cobb2SFChc
Alex Wood3SFAtl
Alex Wood3SFChc
Sean Manaea4SFari
Kris Bubic2zKCCin
Daniel Lynch3zKCCin
Tyler Anderson2zLAAAri
Patrick Sandoval3zLAAAri
Sonny Gray2zminLAD
Kenta Maeda3zminLAD
Ken Waldichuk2zOakAtl
Adrian Martinez3zOakAtl

Here are the standings. The next series is Miami vs. Philadelphia, the two teams that are reversed in our standings but are actually right where they were in the real season after 54 games. We show their average runs scored per game or allowed. The top six make the playoffs.
Team             Won        Lost      R/Gm    All/G     Win%

And finally here are the ERA leaders in our game. Keep in mind that each game pitched counts as three games in our season, so Max Fried's 9-3 mark actually means he made four starts and the Braves were credited with 9 wins and 3 losses for those games based on if they won by 5+ runs (counts as a 3-0 sweep) or not (otherwise 2-1 game series win is credited). We list the qualified pitchers first, the ones who pitched 4 or 5 games to date (The max will be 6 games since each team has 12 series with two of their four starters starting teach time in our game).

BTW, the Reds Andrew Abbott has one of the best cards and will have one more start, but it his only start to date he was shelled so is at the very bottom of the list.

Click for the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. Click here for 60 of the all-time great MLB teams, or on teams of many of the all-time great players on teams by nation or state with one sheet for each team. Or click on the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form. You simply print two teams cards and then either print theaster link above and fast action cards in master link or buy the dice to start playing. 

If you are playing the current 2023 season, you can use these optional adjustments for 149 players who were playing much better or worse than than their projected 2023 pitchers or 2023 batters in card form. 

Rnk   Qualified Starters        Team       W   L   IP Ave   ER Ave   ERA
1Max FriedAtl936.91.01.30
2Julio UriasLAD936.81.01.33
3Aaron NolaPhi576.21.01.46
4Corbin BurnesMil876.71.21.61
5Tommy HenryAri754.81.01.87
6Spencer StriderAtl877.01.62.06
7Justin VerlanderzNYM846.71.82.36
8Mark LeiterChC875.11.42.49
9Clayton KershawLAD966.31.82.56
10Charlie MortonAtl574.31.32.65
11Nick LodoloCin1056.72.02.70
12Kyle WrightAtl1054.51.42.78
13Justin SteeleChC786.52.02.79
14Logan WebbSF786.12.02.97
15Sandy AlcantaraMia876.62.43.27
16Brendon WoodruffMil785.62.23.54
17Alex CobbSF755.52.33.68
18Zack WheelerPhi696.12.63.81
19Yu DarvishzSD485.82.53.91
20Max ScherzerzNYM665.62.54.04
21Alex WoodSF754.42.04.09
22Freddy PeraltaMil875.12.44.20
23Eric LauerMil1055.12.44.27
24Zac GallenAri965.72.84.39
25Jameson TaillonChC5106.13.04.40
26Tony GonsolonLAD934.62.34.43
27Blake SnellzSD665.52.84.50
28Ranger SuarezPhi664.32.34.68
29Graham AshcraftCin573.82.04.80
30Hunter GreeneCin785.53.25.27
31Luis OrtizzPit484.32.85.82
32Johan OviedozPit483.82.56.00
33Jesus LuzardoMia574.73.36.26
34Sean ManaeaSF694.73.46.54
35Joe MusgrovezSD664.63.56.89
36Merrill KellyAri484.83.86.99
37Marcus StromanChC874.83.87.15
38Kodai SengazNYM4114.13.88.26
39Luke WeaverCin392.44.014.85
 Other StartersTeamWLIP AveER AveERA
 Brady SingerzKC127.00.00.00
 Pablo Lopezzmin127.00.00.00
 Tylor MegillzNYM123.70.00.00
 Roansy ContreraszPit726.00.71.00
 Shohei OhtanizLAA218.01.01.13
 Tarik Stubalzdet307.01.01.29
 Josiah GrayzWas307.01.01.29
 Bobby MillerLAD426.01.01.50
 Jordan MontgomeryzStl365.41.01.66
 Dallas Keuchelzmin305.01.01.80
 Kyle Mullerzoak215.01.01.80
 Braxton GarrettMia724.71.01.93
 Seth LugozSD273.71.02.45
 Miles MikolaszStl726.22.02.90
 Drey JamesonAri424.92.03.71
 German MarquezzCol127.03.03.86
 Trevor RogersMia544.02.04.50
 Austin GomberzCol124.02.04.50
 Mitch KellerzPit036.03.04.50
 Johnny CuetoMia215.73.04.74
 Zack GreinkezKC125.33.05.09
 Antonio SenzatelazCol217.04.05.14
 Dustin MayLAD544.62.75.26
 Jack FlahertyzStl545.03.05.40
 Kyle FreelandzCol125.03.05.40
 Jay GroomzSD123.32.05.45
 Eury PerezMia334.02.55.63
 Bailey FalterPhi424.02.55.63
 JT BrubakerzPit244.73.05.81
 Brandon PfaadtAri333.92.55.84
 Paul Blackburnzoak035.34.06.79
 Steven MatzzStl453.83.07.17
 Andrew PainterPhi244.03.57.88
 Jose QuintanazNYM334.54.08.00
 Brandon WilliamsonCin215.35.08.49
 Cristopher SanchezPhi124.04.09.00
 MacKenzie GorezWas035.06.010.80
 Carlos CarrascozNYM153.75.012.33
 Ryne NelsonAri123.05.015.00
 Lucas GiolitozLAA123.06.018.00
 Turnbull Spencerzdet122.05.022.50
 Andrew AbbottCin033.08.024.00

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