Friday, September 29, 2023

DBacks Statis-Pro Pitching Crushed Again - GIants May Flip and Make Playoffs

While the Giants were eliminated from the actual MLB playoffs recently and the Diamondbacks are clinging to a half game lead for a wild card - in Statis-Pro the Dbacks pitching is so bad the teams may reverse. 

Until Friday the teams lined up the same as MLB with Arizona in and San Francisco out, but as the scoresheets below show, the Giants destroyed the very weak Arizona pitching staff for wins of 6-4 and 15-4, the second of which counted as a sweep thus recording the series as five games to one.

.That puts the Giants in the wild card spot right now, two games ahead of the last spot, while Arizona drops one game below.

The Phillies and Marlins are tied for the last spot and both are actually in the playoffs right now in MLB, though the Phillies have clinched and Marlins still need to win. 

The Cubs and Reds are 1 1/2 games out in real MLB and trying to sneak in at the end, and while that is about the same spot Cincinnati is in for Statis-Pro, but in Statis-Pro the Cubs are in.

The top three teams are the same in both, except the Dodgers are first in Statis-Pro and the Braves in the actual MLB season. Here are the Statis-Pro standings.

Tm           Wins     Losses     W%          GB Last PO Spot

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