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Musial's Cardinals Best Hornsby's Cubs on 10th Inning Pitcher Homer Using Simple Rules

We thought we'd pick a likely pitchers' duel to test our "simple rules" version of Statis-Pro baseball using only two 6-sided dice to get a 2-12 result and two 8-sided dies of different dice to get an 11-88 result.

We set up this simple game with rules that fit on the bottom of all 60 all-time great teams on this sheet, which will also be broken into drop box individual files like we did with the all-time great Value Add Basketball Game.

The first game using our simple rules was every bit the pitcher's duel we expected, but Stan Musial was the only player on either team with two hits and his ace Mort Cooper going 9 shutout innings and getting out of a bases loaded, one-out jam in the second inning.

However, the ending was a shocker. In the bottom of the 10th inning , his replacement Howie Krist pitched a 1-2-3 top of the 10th and then slugged a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 10th. Pitchers hit much better in 1942, but a homer was still only 0.6% chance of the homer. Pitchers at bat skip the PB roll and go straight to a 11-88 on the batting card, where a 23 was a DEEP DRIVE. Playing in 1942 (since the Cards were home against the 1929 Cubs) an 11-38 was a home run while a 41-88 would have been a fly out.

The 23 random number, the only number that would have been a DEEP drive, was followed by a 26 random number to fall within an 11-38 home run range.

The following is the 1942 Cards team sheet with the simple game rules on the bottom of the sheet, so all we printed was this team sheet and the Cubs 1929 sheet and started rolling the dice.

Below that is the simple scoresheet, which just records all non-strike out outs as "O". 

Here is the box score.

Cubs 1929                       AB    R     H         RBIOther             
Kiki Cuyler4010 
Riggs Stephenson4000 
Hack Wilson4000 
Rogers Hornsby4010 
Charlie Grimm*4010 
Norm McMillan4010 
Zack Taylor4010 
Woody English4000 
Charlie Root3000 
Ken Penner0000 
Cubs Totals35050 
Cardinals 1942ABRHRBIOther
Johnny Hopp*4000 
Enos Slaughter*4010 
Stan Musial*4020 
Terry Moore4000 
Walker Cooper3000walk
Harry Walker*4000 
Marty Marion4010double
Coaker Triplett2000walk
Frank Crespi1100PR, sb, GW-run
Mort Cooper3010double
Howie Krist11022-run GW homer
Cardinals Totals30252


Cubs 1929                      IP    H   R  ER  W  K      Dec  
Charlie Root830013 
Ken Penner1.322110L
Cardinals 1942       
Mort Cooper9500011 
Howie Krist110002W

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