Monday, July 1, 2024

Cepeda Homers, But Blue Jays, Olerud, Stun Bob Gibson

First off we joke about the "gods of Statis-pro baseball" making things happen. We played this game in memory of Orlando Cepeda.

In the second inning with Roger Maris on first he hit a deep drive, but playing in the dead ball year of 1968 that figured to be in the deep flyout range of 21-88, but instead it was a "13" for a 2-run Homer.

We assumed this game might come down to if Rickey Henderson or Lou Brock could steal two bases and score for a 1-0 win, but instead we had a shocking game ...

Bob Gibson with his 1.12 ERA could not hold the lead and lost 5-4.

When we looked at his card we honestly thought every game he pitched in our game might be a no hitter.

His PB 2-9 means the action is on his card 83 percent of the time.

When it is, only 6 of 64 numbers (11-16) are a hit.

As mentioned we were playing in the dead ball 1968 so even if a batter launched a deep drive there was a 88 percent chance it would stay in the park and be caught.

And this was a season where pitchers batted so Blue Jays Paul Monitor (.332 batting average) was on the bench.

We were shocked when John Olerud singled to start the 2nd inning and break up the no hitter.

Once someone is on base the clutch defense and clutch offense (BD) can come into play.

Joe Carter's shot toward 2nd baseman Julian Javier seemed likely to be a double play due to his clutch defense CD-5, but instead the one in 8 times it went by him (81-88) for a single allowing even the slow footed Olerud to go to third.

He would score.

However the fourth was the biggest factor as both Roberto Alomar and Olerud drew walks, and then on a clutch batting draw, Devon White shocked the game with a 3-run homer.

They added one more run, unearned, when Rickey Henderson reached on a dropped strike out, stole 2nd, and then scored on Alomar's double.

It was a rare non-complete game for Gibson, who had an endurance of sr 18 but also can pitch up to 11 innings.

The Blue Jays pull off the shocker and will now go home and can start Monitor at DH.

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