Monday, July 8, 2024

2006 Maryland Women Turn Back 2024 NC State Upset Bid

 After 2006 Maryland turned back and upset bid by 2024 NC State, 298 of our 300 All-Time Great Value Add Basketball Teams have now played at least one game. Only a Rutgers vs. Michigan State game remains.

You now only need to click here for the links of all 300 teams, then click and print the two teams you want to play. Here are the links for these two teams:

Maryland WOMEN 2006 - Crystal Langhorne

NC State WOMEN 2024 - Aziaha James

The NC State women and men were the two big surprises in the 2024 tournament, and for most of this game the NC State women were on course to start their simulated seasons with an upset as well. Super sub Zoe Brooks hit double figures early for a 38-32 lead with 29 possessions left to play - as until that point they had kept Crystal Langhorn and Maryland in check.

However, the tide was turned in four possessions. Maryland's Kristi Toliver hit two 3-pointers on three possessions for Maryland's first lead of the game - 53-50. Shay Doron then came up with a big steal and got it ahead to Langhorne who laid it in while being fouled and hitting the free throw to make it 56-50. Before that traditional 3-point play she had only 6 points, but she would go onto score 19 in the 78-72 win.

NC State's Saniya Rivers tied Toliver with a game-high 19 points. Below is the picture of the scoresheet with the NC State players' points to the left and the Maryland players' totals to the right.

Maryland was a 2-point favorite (a +1 rating to NC State's -1) and improves from 29th to 24th in our rankings. Maryland drops only one spot with the loss, from 39th to 40th.

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