Saturday, March 9, 2024

Unknown Teams Feature All-time Great Players - LSU 1953 v. SIU 1967 NIT Champs

 Please read this great piece on the Southern Illinois NIT title. After this blog was posted, we played out the LSU 1953 vs. Southern Illinois 1967 game with results here.

Our next "great player" tournament game features and SIU 1967 team that is still not listed as a major basketball program, but proved their 24-2 mark against lesser competition was not a fluke as they beat Al McGuire's Marquette for the NIT title. Stats are not recorded for their season, so we had to use the 1968 state for most players and Walt Frazier's stats from his all-star NBA career.

Meanwhile they face another all-time greatp player in Bob Pettit but from another somewhat mysterious team in LSU 1953. On the one had the Tigers went undefeated in the SEC. Today that would surely result in a team ranked No. 1 in the country, but SEC basketball 70 years ago was not what it is today, as LSU did not beat a single ranked team all season - including losing both Final 4 games.

Thats the set up for two somewhat unknown teams but each with one of the greatest players of all time.

Lineups at the start of the game - remember read all coins from left to right for a 1-5 on 8-sided die, then left to right reading only dimes for the 6,7 or 8. Neither team has "8" covered to start the game, so if that comes up roll again but in the second roll a 6-8 is a shot clock turnover.

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