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March Madness Teams Scale 0 to 10 After New Injury Reports led by Marquette's Oso

Here is each March Madness team ranked on a scale of 10 (the best) to 0 in a number of categories.

Total - On this alphabetical list of the 68 March Madness teams, we rank each first on a scale of 0 to 10 based on overall rankings assuming everybody plays.

NBA-level Talent - see our piece yesterday on the NBA-level talent on each team.. Only four teams will start three projected NBA players (UConn, Kentucky, Duke and Colorado), while eight other teams start two NBA prospects, 14 teams have one, leaving a total of 26 teams with projected NBA players on the court and 42 without any NBA projected players.

Off-Def - Teams do not win titles unless both their offense and their defense rank high at, so this is based on their ability to play both ends of the floor. For example, Alabama flirts with ranking No. 1 on offense, but is barely in the top 100 in defense so ranks only a "2" on a scale of 1-10 in this category.

Health - Finally, we watch the injury report every day, and adjust teams up perhaps 1 on their overall if completely healthy, but drop teams with key injures. On Monday we added new injury reports that dropped the following teams - Florida drops to a 4 after the terrible leg break to Micah Handlogten with 5.3 points and 6.9 rebounds per game. Howard was already a long shot, and now has two more questionable players in Dom Campbell 7.9,4.4 and Shy Odom.

The big one, as they hope for Kolek's return, our hometown Marquette now has a a double fear with a knee injury calling into question if their other NBA projected player - Oso Ighodaro 14.0, 6.9 - will play Friday due to a knee.

Nebraska drops to a 5 with C.J. Wilcher 7.9, 1.5 questionable. South Carolina drops to a 4 with Myles Stute 8.5, 3.1 questionable. 

All of these new injury reports are for players who might play except for Florida. If these players due play at 100% their team's number would go back up.
Reg   Seed   Team                                 Tot  NBA Off-Def   Health   Key Injuries (Points, Rebounds)                   
W4Alabama7829 2 starters projected NBA
W2Arizona891010 2 starters projected NBA
E4Auburn83109 only projected NBA still backup freshman
W3Baylor7856Langston Love 11.0, 2.9; 2 starters projected NBA
S10Boise State5055 
E6BYU7566Aly Khalifa 5.9, 3.8 - 1 projected NBA player
W6Clemson7756 1 projected NBA player
S10Colorado4976Julian Hammond 7.4, 2.5, if C. Williams healed, 3 starters projected NBA
MW10Colorado State4066 
E1Connecticut1010910 5 starters projected NBA
MW3Creighton7799 1 projected NBA player
W7Dayton6645 1 projected NBA player
S4Duke8988Caleb Foster 7.7, 2.4; 3 starters projected NBA
E11Duquesne3012Tre Williams 3.6, 2.8
S7Florida6346NEW - Micah Handlogten 5.3, 6.9 - only projected NBA is playing backup, hurt
E8Florida Atlantic5034Tre Carroll 4.0, 1.8
W12Grand Canyon3044 
S1Houston9098J'Wan Roberts 9.6, 6.9, GONE - Joseph Tugler 3.8, 4.1
W16Howard0000Dom Campbell 7.9,4.4 and Shy Odom 8.7,3.5 both NEW
E3Illinois8859 2 starters projected NBA
E2Iowa State8439 1 projected NBA player
S12James Madison5043 
MW4Kansas8843Hunter Dickinson STAR 18.0, 10.8, Kevin McCullar STAR 18.3, 6.0 - if McCullar back then 2 starters projected NBA
S3Kentucky81029 4 starters projected NBA
W15Long Beach State0000 
S2Marquette8897Tyler Kolek 15.0, 4.6, Nat'l #1 ast 7.6, STAR, NEW Oso Ighodaro 14.0, 6.9, GONE - Sean Jones 5.8, 1.5, 2.0 - if Tyler and Oso back, 2 starters projected NBA
MW12McNeese State2043 
W9Michigan State5347GONE - Jeremy Fears Jr. 3.5, 1.9; only projected NBA  is back-up playing hurt
W8Mississippi State6047 
MW16Montana State0000 
E14Morehead State1022 
S11N.C. State4033Dennis Parker, Jr. 4.7, 3.2
S8Nebraska6075Eli Rice 4.2, 1.6, NEW C.J. Wilcher 7.9, 1.5
W10Nevada4064Hunter McIntosh 5.9, 1.2,
W11New Mexico3067 
W1North Carolina8889 2 starters projected NBA
E9Northwestern5044Matthew Nicholson 5.3, 4.3, GONE - Ty Berry 5.3, 4.3
MW11Oregon5642N'Faly Dante STAR, 15.7, 8.8), Keeshawn Barthelemy 7.9, 2.2 - 1 projected NBA player
MW1Purdue97910 1 projected NBA player
E5San Diego State7058 
MW6South Carolina7064NEW - Myles Stute 8.5, 3.1
E15South Dakota State1011 
W5St. Mary's (CA)7067Harry Wessels 4.4, 3.6, GONE - Joshua Jefferson 102., 6.5
MW15St. Peter's0010 
MW2Tennessee87710 1 projected NBA player
MW7Texas6057 1 projected NBA player
S9Texas A&M5065 
S6Texas Tech7676Warren Washington 9.9, 7.4
MW8Utah State5054 
S13Vermont2011Matt Veretto, STAR, 9.0, 3.3
MW10Virginia6813 2 starters projected NBA
W16Wagner0000Zaire Williams 9.3, 3.1
E7Washington State6445 1 projected NBA player
S15Western Kentucky1011 
S5Wisconsin7578 1 projected NBA player

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