Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Providence 1960 advances to play McAdoo's UNC with 76-71 Win Against Marshall (Greer vs. Wilkens)

 The following are the cards for Providence 1960 vs. Marshall 1956 are laid out. Part of the reason we want to play each team once is to make sure the stamina and suggested rotations make sense on the bottom of the cards. Here they are written in and we will add these suggested ranges of putting players in games.

Below that is the scoresheet. Providence won 76-71 with the benefit of an incredible four "and-ones" in the final 5 minutes. The last one was decisive as it fouled Charlie Slack out of the game and later he would have grabbed anl key offensive rebound on a "high in game" since both he and opposing center James Hednot have 1-10 ranges and a tie goes to the offensive player.

His backup Bob Ashley was also 1-10, but because he had already used his stamina earlier in the game and just come back in for the foul out, all rolls that involve him (on offense of defense) are adjusted by 1 against him, so in this case he was considered a 1-9 and did not grab the rebound.

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