Thursday, March 21, 2024

Great Coaches Threaten to Hand Sr. Guards Bracket Its 1st Loss to Tie it at 6-1

It looks like this will be the last perfect bracket we show, as the following is the updated top half of the Sr. Guards Pull Upset Bracket (bottom half included on the bottom half of the previous blog. That makes this bracket one of the 2.3 million of 22 million brackets to start 6-0.

However, it would take South Carolina rallying from down double digits against Oregon to make it 7-0.

As long as Oregon holds on for the win over South Carolina - then great coach Dana Altman will give the great coaches bracket a 6-1 mark as well to tie the Sr. Guards. We are hitting the road so no more updates tonight - but this is probably the last perfect bracket update regardless.

And here is the coaches bracket - Oregon on pace to make it 6-1.

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