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Pettit & LSU Survive Ferocious Walt Frazier Rally, 75-73

With no player taller than 6-foot-4 having been dominated by one of the greatest rebounders of all time (LSU's Bob Pettit, 6-foot-9, 36 points including 11 of 12 from line), Southern Illinois put on a ferocious defensive rally at the end.

Trailing 65-71 with 1:30 to play, Walt Frazier came up with his 6th and 7th steals of the game. On the first one he scored on a dunk, and then he passed to Craig Taylor, only in the game because Dick Garrett had fouled out early trying to guard Pettit, who drained a rare 3-pointer for the 1967 Southern Illinois squad to cut the lead to 71-70. 

LSU's 1953 squad did survive when Benny McArdle score and Southern Illinois turned it over, giving LSU the 75-73 win to advance and face Allen Iverson and Georgetown. 

Please do check out the preview of this game and link to Frazier talking about the 1967 NIT title in a year in which Southern Illinois was not yet considered a major program.
Pos       Southern Illinois 1967   Pts  3pt  2pt  FT  Att  Reb  Stl   Blk  Fl   Season Actual        
1-PGWalt Frazier260114457026'4, 45th best ever
2-SGJay Westcott8210042016'4,5.5 ppg
3-SFWillie Griffin8032240126'3,10.8 ppg
4-PFDick Garrett8032210256'3,20.1 ppg
5-CChuck Benson6030061216'4,11.9 ppg
1-PGCraig Taylor7120020036'1,3.9 ppg
2-SGBobby Jackson10034650016'0,5.2 ppg
 14 Turnovers7332612142710515 
PosLSU 1953Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlSeason Actual
1-PGNorman Magee5021221125'11,13.3 ppg
2-SGBenny McArdle10042223115'10,8.1 ppg
3-SFDon Belcher7031160056'2,12.7 ppg
4-PFBob Pettit36111111271316'9,31st best ever
5-CNed Clark6030030216'5,9.7 ppg
1-PGKenny Bridges2010010015'11,1.7 ppg
2-SGLeslie Jones5021210016'2,2.5 ppg
3-SFDon Sebastian2010030015'10,3.2 ppg
4-PFBob Freshley2010031026'6, 2.1 ppg
 15 Turnovers821281619286715

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