Sunday, March 24, 2024

Brackets in 99th & 93rd percentile pick UConn & Marquette to Win Title - Click for CBS Stories

Here is the interesting thing on the brackets we published. The "Sr. Guards Bracket" got as high as being ranked 7,000th of 22 million but actually had UAB grabbing the 16th and last spot and since they were our only Sweet 16 not to make the second round that dropped it to 32,000th - but still in the 99.9th percentile.  UAB almost pulled off that upset, and if they had that bracket would likely be in the top 2000 of 22 million brackets.

However, the bracket we did based on teams with a top offense and defense at Pomeroy has been almost as good - in the 92.7th percentile. Amazingly, seven of the eight teams we reported in that blog as having the best chance at the national title are still alive - only BYU has lost.

The interesting thing you will note is the first one calculated a UConn national title, while the 2nd one predicted a Marquette national title. 

I am in the background to the left on the CBS interview with Tyler Kolek after Marquette beat Colorado today - and you can click here for my stories on their CBS 247Sports site or here for the interview on CBS from that photo.

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