Friday, March 22, 2024

Sr. Guards Bracket (99th%) Picks upsets of Auburn, BYU, Florida, Texas Tech and S. Carolina - Picks JMU

 The Sr. Guards Pull Upsets Bracket continued to be the best methodology this year, in the 94th percentile and if Nevada and UAB had pulled off their the system would be 24-4 so far. I noted in that preview that while UConn had two senior guards to counter the two great guards for 16-seed Stetson, that I could have picked even Stetson against Auburn. In fact, this was the system that picked Yale against Auburn among the big upsets. ("Thus against this years young UNC or Auburn I could see Stetson winning a stunner.")

SEC teams do tend to be the most vulnerable when this happens, with plenty of projected NBA players who don't stay the whole four years. With this being the trend, the SEC is now 1-5 while Texas A&M has an big lead and Alabama is down just a few early. In any even, the Big East has all experienced back courts and with only three teams invited is 3-0 - all three wins being among the 10 most lopsided games so far (17 or more point win).

We will see if it keeps up, as the big upset it picks that has not been played yet is James Madison University pulling the upset tonight. So far, 22-6 in the first round with 6 games to go.

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