Thursday, March 7, 2024

All-Time Great Player Tournament Returns: Westbrook vs. Durant or Tiny Archibald

After weeks of being swamped at work, we finally plan to resume our tournament of the remaining Value Add Basketball Game teams who featured one of the greatest 75 players of all time.

Russell Westbrook's UCLA team (2008) has the bye and waits to see if he will face his long-time Oklahoma City Thunder Teammate Kevin Durant and his 2007 Texas Longhorns. If Westbrook's hand heals in time they could face each other in the NBA Western playoffs this year.  Durant is still at his career average of more than 27 points a game after all these years, while Westbrook is on the downside of his career at 11 points a game almost a decade after being the NBA's MVP as Durant's teammate.

And let's not forget, Westbrook also has Kevin Love as a teammate on that great UCLA team.

However, for that Thunder teammate match, Durant's Longhorns will need to first upset Tiny Archibald and UTEP's squad. How good was Tiny? Three years after this college season he finished third in MVP voting despite leading the NBA with both 34 points a game and 11 assists a game to actually finish with more MVP votes than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar but finished behind him and Dave Cowens in MVP voting.

Note - UTEP originally had a math error with Defense at 0.90 and Rating at +3, but it is corrected to 0.96 and-3

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