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1st Statis-Pro Playoff Series in the Books - Phils vs Brew Crew

We played 124 Statis-Pro games this season and the average runs scored by each team was 4.7. There were only four 1-0 games of 124, thought the Phillies were involved in one of them when Aaron Nola beat Justin Verlander then of the Mets 1-0.

And yet the average score in our first Statis-Pro playoff series was 2-1 and the series ended with a 1-0 game. Here are the summaries of each of the games as the Brewers faced the Phillies then below the game accounts is a photo of the player cards and the preview.

Game 1 Action

3rd Inning - A pitchers duel between the Brewers only remaining ace (Corbin Burnes PB 2-9) and one of three true Phillies Aces (Zack Wheeler) was broken up by perhaps the worst fielding inning we've ever had in one inning. Brewers catch William Contreras does have the worst fielding ratings in the game (CD1, E3, TC). A TB or TA would have thrown Brandon Marsh out stealing 2nd, but he was safe due to the weak arm. After a walk, Jake Cave laid down a bunt (OBR A or B can do this once a game for a hit) and Contreras threw wildly to first to allow both runners to score and Cave to go to third. Then Contreras CD-1 resulted in a passed ball to score Cave. Phillies 3, Brewers 0 after 2 1/2.

4th Inning - We drew the famous "not me blind one" Z-play 16 to result in Burnes being tossed from the game for arguing. We always use the result presented, meaning him leaving the game, but you can say he was injured instead if you believe that is more realistic. However, a big pick up in Bryse Wilson, who would pitch a scoreless top of the 4th, 5th and 6th to save the Brewers' bullpen and keep them in the game.

6th Inning - Contreras got a little redemption when he scored after a single and Willy Adames driving a 2-run homer to stop Wheeler's shut out. Phillies 3, Brewers 2. 

7th Inning - Tyrone Taylor singled and Brice Turang stole second to put the tying run on with no outs. Wheeler still had SR1 left so his PB 2-8 was still in place unless he allowed another runner. As strong as that is, Wheeler has great control but a high 11-25 hits allowed numbers so was vulerable but left in teh game. He struck out both Andrew Monasterio and Joey Wiemer to leave it all up to Christian Yelich. Yelich sent a line drive to center, but Bryson Stott made a diving catch on a "15" despite having the lowest clutch defensive rating at CD-1 to leave the Phillies ahead 3-2. Wheeler leaves with the lead, going 7 innings allowing 2 runs on 6 hits, 6 strikeouts and not quite his normal great control with 3 walks issued.

8th and 9th Inning - Craig Kimbrel and Jose Alvarado each allowed one baserunner in the 8th and 9th, but otherwise shut the door. Kimbrel struck out the side, Alvarado struck out one then induced a game-winning double play.

Final: Phillies 3, Brewers 2 (Phils Lead 1 game to 0)

Game 2 Action

1st Inning - Trea Turner singled and stole second. With two outs Kyle Schwarber just missed a homer with a long double to score him. In the bottom of the inning, Adames (who was 3 of 4 in Game 1 with a homer) hit a DEEP drive also just missing a 2-run homer, but it was caught. Phillies 1, Brewers 0.

3rd Inning - The Brewers put together four singles - Wiemer, Yelich, Contreras and Adames, to take the 2-1 lead. Josh Donaldson then hit a DEEP drive that just missed a 3-run homer but was caught to end the inning. Brewers 2, Phillies 1. 

7th Inning - The bottom of the Phillies order greeted reliever Elvin Peguero with a single (Brandon Marsh, who stole second), walk (Bryson Shott) and line drive single (Jake Cave) to load the bases with no outs and lower him to a PB 4-7 (his RR of 3 was reduced by those three baserunners). However, Turner hit a line drive back to Peguero, who because he has the highest defensive rating of all of a Clutch Defense-CD-5 not only caught the ball but threw to 3rd base for a double play based on the chart. Realmuto grounded to first and the Brewers escaped with the 2-1 lead in tact.

Trevor Megell and Devin Williams had a much easier time in the 8th and 9th, getting a hold and save to wrap up the 2-1 win.

Final: Brewers 2, Phillies 1 (Series tied a game a piece)

Game 3 Action

The deciding game. The season ending injury to Brandon Woodruff seemed to most impact this third game, where the Phillies had a third great pitching card in Michael Lorenzen, but the Brewers had to go with a PB 2-6 in lefty control pitcher Wade Miley with everyone moved up a spot.

6th inning - However, Miley matched Lorenzen's ZEROS for 5.2 innings. Then JT Realmuto hit a 2-out double. Bryce Harper followed with a line drive to right, which lowers the range of going from 2nd to home by 20 - but with Realmuto having the best OBR (A) and right fielder Jesse Winkler having the weakest arm (T2) the go ahead run scored. Phillies 1, Brewers 0.

Lorenzen finished six scoreless innings, only striking out three while walking three, but just two hits.

Both bullpens did their job, with three scoreless innings each. The final inning was between two PB2-9 closer who both give up very few hits but both are a little wild. The Phillies drew two walks off Devin Williams but he got the next three to keep it 1-0 and give the Brewers one last chance.

The Phils Jose Alvarado went 1-2-3, with the only excitement being a game-ending grounder to short that Trea Turner bobbled. He has always been a weak fielder though he improved on note this season to a CD-2, E5, and in fact the the card did call for an error if the card had an E7 or higher.

Final: Phillies 1, Brewers 0 (Phillies Win Series 2-1)

Preview Below

One of our Statis-Pro wild series are between the two teams that made our playoffs but not the real playoffs (Cubs vs Giants). However, first we are playing out two wild card teams that were also wild card teams in the real season as the Phillies visit the Brewers.

The two teams with Byes were the same Braves and Dodgers.

Here are photos of the Brewers and Phillies lineups. Results will be added.


Results will be added as we play.

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