Sunday, October 8, 2023

3,297 miles apart: OT Miami 99, Washington 98 (2023 vs 2006)

 The 2023 final four Miami team gave hope to other teams trying for the top 11 spots that earn a bye with a minor upset of 2006 Washington - 99-98 in OT.

Brandon Roy's 2006 Washington  plays a team that is 3,297 miles away - the University of Miami. Both teams lost to UConn in the tournament. Washington defeated national runner-up UCLA TWICE during the season,and Miami was a surprise Final Four team after beating Texas and Houston in the previous round.

Cards are now verified in the Value Add Basketball Game. We only caught two things. Jamaal Williams "Gets ball 3-SF 0" was on the card, but when the 0 pops up on that part of the card it actually means there should be two numbers there. We fixed it to now read "Gets ball 3-SF 7 & 8." Brandon Roy gets the ball on the other 8-sided extra numbers, so his 2-SG 6 is accurate.

As for Miami the only change was their defense is not quite as bad as we had them on the initial cards so their adjustment to the opponents dunk rate is now  +1 instead of a +5. The other thing we did was to add the suggested possessions for each player. One note on this. When we add the suggested possessions on which to use the substitutes in the lower five - for example Harlond Beverly's C 44-37 - it means he is subbed in for the center on the top line it does necessarily mean he needs to play the center position (his rebounding is his weakness with no offensive rebounds and only 1-1 on defensive rebounds. 

I still reach the 1 through 5 positions (PG to C) from left to right using the top player as the lower number when the top and bottom number in a column are both in the game. For example at the start of a Miami game, I consider the backup point guard spot on the sheet, Bensley Joseph, as the point guard since Nijel Pack does not come in until the 38th position. Then the starting shooting guard spot with Isaiah Wong is the shooting guard and gets the ball on a 2 as well as 7 on the 8-sided die, but then I play Beverly as the small forward since he is third from left to right even though it reads "C 44-37."

Jordan Miller is next to the left top. Because Joseph Miller has the only decent rebounding ranges on this initial line-up I actually skip ahead to make him the center and he will get the ball on a 5 roll, and I put Anthony Walker as the power forward to get the ball on a 4.

This only lasts the initial several possessions, because once Norchad Omier comes in for the final 36 possessions and gives them one very strong rebounding player with a 1-8 on offense and defense.

Game Results.

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