Thursday, October 12, 2023

7-foot Lopez Twins Beat TCU After Record 21 Lead Changes

After a Value Add Basketball Game record 21 lead changes, TCU's Eddie Lampkin made the first free throw then deliberately missed the second one in the closing seconds, and only a great rebound by Brook Lopez sealed the 79-77 win for the Stanford 2008 team.

In the game a players can choose to miss a free throw, but and offense gets an offense rebound on a free throw only about half as often as they grab an offensive rebound on a regular shot. In the game, on the rebounding die the offense only has a chance if the 20-sided die is a 1-5, 10, 11-15 or 20 - on the other 13 numbers the defense always gets the rebound. On a 10 or 20 the highest rebound range of any of the 10 players on the court gets the rebound, because only the offensive center or power forward has a chance to get a rebound unless a 10 or 20 comes up for highest on the court.

In this case the 20-sided die came up 15, meaning we use the range of the defensive power forward, and the 6-sided die was a 6. Lopez defensive rebound range is 1-7, so he not only gets the ball on all six numbers but also on some "highest on court" or "highest defender."

The Lopez twins rotate on the court from possessions 44-16, but for possessions 15-1 the twin towers are on the court together. They were 1-point favorites in this came, so covered with the 2-point win. Below are the box score and then the score sheet that shows the running score at the bottom on the sheet.

The only two teams in the game who have yet to play are Northwestern 2017 and K-State 2023, who will play our last first round game.

Stanford will advance to the second round to face the 2022 Duke team.

Stanford 2008      Ht   Pos     Pts  Reb Stl  Blk  Fls  Season Pts, Reb, Ast        
Mitch Johnson6'11-PG1113016.7 Pts, 4.3 Reb, 5.2 Ast
Anthony Goods6'42-SG11311110.0 Pts, 2.1 Reb, 1.7 Ast
Lawrence Hill6'83-SF1061028.6 Pts, 4.8 Reb, 1.1 Ast
Brook Lopez7'04-PF141200119.3 Pts, 8.2 Reb, 1.4 Ast
Robin Lopez7'05-C15904210.2 Pts, 5.7 Reb, 0.6 Ast
Drew Shiller6'01-PG210013.3 Pts, 0.8 Reb, 0.8 Ast
Fred Washington6'52-SG830014.4 Pts, 4.1 Reb, 2.3 Ast
Kenny Brown6'23-SF210014.2 Pts, 1.3 Reb, 0.6 Ast
Landry Fields6'74-PF210004.1 Pts, 2.0 Reb, 1.0 Ast
Taj Finger6'85-C431015.9 Pts, 4.4 Reb, 0.5 Ast
15 turnovers  79406511 
TCU 2023HtPosPtsRebStlBlkFlsSeason Pts, Reb, Ast
Damion Baugh6'31-PG9550112.6 Pts, 4.7 Reb, 5.8 Ast
Mike Miles6'12-SG15110117.9 Pts, 2.7 Reb, 2.7 Ast
Chuck O'Bannon6'63-SF1260137.7 Pts, 3.4 Reb, 1.0 Ast
Emanuel Miller6'74-PF4620212.3 Pts, 6.5 Reb, 1.7 Ast
Eddie Lampkin6'115-C631126.3 Pts, 5.9 Reb, 1.2 Ast
Shahada Wells6'01-PG1312015.9 Pts, 2.2 Reb, 2.3 Ast
Micah Peavy6'72-SG410017.0 Pts, 3.1 Reb, 1.2 Ast
JaKobe Coles6'73-SF930118.6 Pts, 4.0 Reb, 1.2 Ast
Rondel Walker6'44-PF220011.9 Pts, 1.6 Reb, 0.7 Ast
Xavier Cork6'95-C230014.4 Pts, 2.6 Reb, 0.4 Ast
16 turnovers  763111314

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