Monday, October 9, 2023

Longhorns Carr 3-pointer sinks SD State; UConn Clinches Top Seed

 Matt Bradley's 3-pointer with less than a minute left pulled Sam Diego within 81-78. Marcus Carr, who had been playing with four fouls,.responded with a 3-pointer of his own to finish with a game-high 21 points.

Texas advances and will now get a bye to the Sweet 16, but UConn Clinches the overall 1-seed because Texas was the last team that could have mathematically caught them and it would have taken a 20+ point win.

The game took 42 minutes from first roll to last.

We reordered our five final 1st round games so that no more 2023 teams are playing each other:

SMU 2017 vs. Florida Atlantic 2023

Arkansas 2021 vs Xavier 2023

St. Mary's 2023 vs. Penn State 2018

K-State 2023 vs. Northwestern 2013

Stanford 2008 vs. TCU 2023

I've shown the team sheets with dimes and pennies on players to mark who is in the game. In this game I just wrote the numbers from the 8-sided die that would give each player the ball and changed them as subs entered.

The game is set up so that at some point the rest of the rolls occur with the whole top row in the game together in that order until the game ends.

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