Sunday, October 8, 2023

Updated Seedings and Rankings for All-Time Great Basketball Tournament

Here are the updated rankings of our all-time great teams in our 3rd Value Add Basketball tournament.

The first list is the only 12 teams that have still not played a single game - so once those games are played all 178 great teams will have been used. Based on the teams who have already won to advance and the teams waiting to play there first game:

  • 8 to 11 teams we just added from the 2023 season with an eye toward schools with not teams yet (6 already won a game, but another two games are between two 2023 teams so will produce another)
  • 3 to 4 teams will be from the 2021 or 2022 season
  • 6 to 10 teams will be new teams 

The bottom teams are those who have already won their first tournament game seeded for the next round based on their updated all-time ranking. UConn 2023 will be the No. 1 seed of the 21 surviving teams unless Texas 2023 were to get max credit by beating San Diego 2023 by 20 points our more (the maximum credit a team gets for margin). That is reflected in one column, and the next one shows where they would place among the teams at the bottom if they beat San Diego State by four points instead of 20. In this case Texas would rank 9th among the teams at the bottom - good enough for a second round bye since the top 11 will get a bye and then 12th through 21st will play each other in the second round to try to join the 11 in the Sweet 16.

SMU 2017 would seed 2nd with a 20-point win, and 10th with a 4-point win against Florida State 2023 etc. on those columns.

Those are the only two teams yet to play with a mathematical chance of moving ahead of any of the current top four seeds, so it looks like the top four seeds will be UConn, Rutgers 1976, Houston 2021 and Tennessee 2023 - and even if Texas and SMU won in blowouts, those four would still be in the top six because no other team in the tournament can catch them.

The more important question is whether the two Marquette teams and Iowa State 2014 and Duke 2022 can cling onto the last four byes. It is very unlikely Duke will keep a bye as if any of the top five favorites win they would move ahead of Duke - so Duke needs almost all upsets or they will be playing in the 2nd round.

Note: to avoid a 1st round conference matchup or two teams from the same conference and years, we split up the original TCU be K-State 2023 rematch. TCU will now play Stanford 2008 and K-State will play Xavier 2023.

RnkCardCurrent tournament, only teams yet to playWL If +20If +4Card RnkRatetour
7476Texas - 2023 - Marcus Carr00 1st9th-1.0-1.0SDSt 23
8195SMU - 2017 - Semi Ojeleye00 2nd10th-2.0-2.0FlAt 23
102124Arkansas - 2021 - JD Notae00 5th11th-4.0-4.0Xav 23
103127St. Mary's - 2023 - Logan Johnson00 5th11th-4.0-4.0PS 18
118134Kansas St. - 2023 - Markquis Nowell00 6thno-5.0-5.0NW 17
119135Stanford - 2008 - Brook Lopez00 6thno-5.0-5.0TCU 23
120136Xavier - 2023 - Jack Nunge00 6thno-5.0-5.0Ark 21
127145TCU - 2023 - JaKobe Coles00 8thno-6.0-6.0st 08
128144Penn St. - 2018 - Tony Carr00 7thno-6.0-6.0StM 23
129143Northwestern - 2017 - Vic Law00 7thno-6.0-6.0KS 23
141156Florida Atlantic - 2023 - Johnell Davis00 7thno-7.0-7.0SMU 17
157167San Diego St. - 2023 - Jaedon LeDee00 9thno-9.0-9.0TX 23
RnkCardCurrent tournament already won a gameWinLostScoreAllowSoSCard RnkRate2nd rou seed
3746Connecticut - 2023 - Adama Sanogo107739-
4287Rutgers - 1976 - Phil Sellers109777-9.0-2.02.32
4560Houston - 2021 - Quentin Grimes1010250-
4664Tennessee - 2023 - Santiago Vescovi107567-
5141Duke - 2015 - Justise Winslow107572-
5786Gonzaga - 2023 - Drew Timme108674-7.0-2.00.86
6363Kansas - 2022 - Ochai Agbaji108781-
68122Marquette - 2023 - Tyler Kolek109081-1.8-4.0-0.28
75107Marquette - 1994 - Jim McIlvaine108078-1.4-3.0-1.19
8294Iowa St. - 2014 - DeAndre Kane107672-7.0-1.3-2.010
89108Duke - 2022 - Wendell Moore108578-13.0-3.0-2.811
107158North Carolina - 2022 - Armando Bacot107876-2-7.0-4.312
111115Indiana St. - 1979 - Larry Bird1171.573-5.5-3.0-4.613
140157Miami - 2023 - Norchad Omier009998-3-3.8-7.014
146173Creighton - 2023 - Ryan Kalkbrenner1079782-13.0-8.015

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