Saturday, October 28, 2023

Braves and Dodgers What If Statis-Pro Rosters

With the actual World Series now featuring an 84-win team tied up at a game apiece with a 90-game team, we are ready to put the two 100-win teams on the field for their Statis-Pro 2023 playoff debuts where rust from sitting out the wild card series is not a factor. 

The Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers both dominated both the real MLB season and our Statis-Pro season using projected cards to earn a bye in both in the playoffs.

Of course for the second straight year in real baseball the bye proved to be a curse, as both 100-win rusty teams went down. However, it should not be a factor in Statis-Pro as they both prepare for their first series with the two wild card series winners Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs.

Two lefties in Game 1 in LA - Cubs Justin Steele and Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

Two righties in Game 1 in Atlanta - Phillies Zach Wheeler at Braves Spencer Strider

In checking our cards against the end of season rosters, keep in mind a 10-or 15-day DL does not keep a player out of our game, so Charlie Morton can start in the Braves series and David Peralta can start in the Dodgers series.

The players without a card get a temporary card as noted by the notes after the comma for certain players. We don't anticipated 7 of the 9 temporary cards being used because they are either the weakest PB 2-4, or one of the two weakest batting cards (either a home run range of 27 or 27-28.

However, both teams add one excellent reliever who gets a PB 2-8 card - and the pen was the only weakness of both teams. Both are right handers and have maximum innings pitched of 2 innings, which means you should usually only use them for one inning BUT they can come into finish and innings and pitch the next.

Ryan Brasier was injured much of last year so did not have a card before coming back strong with the Dodgers. Pierce Johnson actually had a 4.02 ERA for the whole year, but that was because he pitched the first half in Colorado. In Atlanta he had an ERA below one and was used as a closer. Note below the rosters, we keep it simple and just write in the names of the players on each team that will use each temporary card along the bottom of that card.

Braves         STARTER                                             2ND
CSean MurphyTravis d'Arnaud
1BMatt OlsonNicky Lopez, 0.632 LN c/d
2BOzzie AlbiesVaughn Grissom
3BAustin RileyLuke Williams
SSOrlando ArciaNicky Lopez, 0.632 LN c/c
LFEddie Rosario 
CFMichael Harris IIKevin Pillar, 0.664 RN c/c
RFRonald Acuna Jr. 
DHMarcell OzunaChadwick Tromp
St 1&2Spencer StriderMax Fried
St 3&4Charlie Morton, allowBryce Elder
Rel 1&2Raisel IglesiasA.J. Minter
Rel 3&4Kirby YatesJoe Jimenez
Rel 5&6Pierce Johnson, 2-8 RHP 2 IPDaysbel Hernandez, 2-4 RHP 2 IP
St ExtraAllan Winans, 2-4 RHP 6 IP 
CWill SmithAustin Barnes
1BFreddie FreemanMiguel Vargas
2BMookie BettsEnrique Hernandez
3BMax Muncy 
SSMiguel RojasAmed Rosario
LFDavid Peralta, allow, 0.675 LN C/DChris Taylor
CFJames Outman 
RFJason Heyward 
DHJ.D. MartinezMichael Busch
St 1&2Clayton KershawBobby Miller
St 3&4Lance LynnRyan Pepiot
Rel 1&2Evan PhillipsBrusdar Graterol
Rel 3&4Joe KellyRyan Brasier, 2-8 RHP 2 IP
Rel 5&6Caleb FergusonAlex Vesia
St ExtraEmmet Sheehan, 2-4, RHP 7 IP

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