Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Bracket Set for 3rd All-Time Great Tournament

 We made one last change before setting up our bracket - adding the surprising Colorado 2021 team that had won a mini tournament of eight teams at one point - so actually undefeated at 3-0. Adding them in, and leaving a spot for the winner of our last two 1st round games (Stanford 2008 with the Lopez 7-foot twins and TCU as well K-State vs. Northwestern 2017) we end up with the following bracket. Colorado is the 5-seed so will get the bye to the Sweet 16 and play the Texas vs Miami winner. The K-State vs Northwestern 2017 winner will get Iowa State 2014 in the second round. The TCU-Stanford winner will get the Duke 2022 team in the 2nd round.

The team that wins this tournament will be one of just three undefeated out of 178 all-time great teams in the Value Add Basketball Game. The others are UCLA's Bill Walton that won our first tournament, and Paul Pierce's Kansas team that won our second tournament.

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