Monday, February 6, 2023

2021 MVP Mobley and USC edge Dayton and 2020 MVP Toppin 79-76 in OT

With Dayton 2020 leading 52-46 with 7:03 to play, Evan Mobley (19 points, 17 rebounds, 10 fouls drawn) drew a 5th foul against Obi Toppin. 

With Toppin in the bench, USC 2021 exploded for a 19-11 run to go up 65-63 with 16 seconds left, but Jalen Crutcher hit a buzzer beater to force overtime. 

USC dominated the boards in OT for a 79-76 road win. The game last 57 minutes from first dice roll.

Pregame write up

In 2020, Obi Toppin was picked as the top player in the country by the Naismith Committee, but Covid kept him from trying to lead Dayton to the national title. In 2021, Evan Mobley was calculated as the top player in the country by Both are newer teams in our game and won their opener, so we played them against each other to determine which would then play 2-0 Colorado 2021 to see which of the new teams started 3-0.

The following is the line-up rotation we decided to use for each team. You do NOT need to be this precise in playing time - you can just play the bottom five players on the sheet from the 44th to 38th possession and the top row of starters from the 37th possession to the 1st (actually last and final) possession.

Results will be posted later tonight. 

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