Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Statis-Pro Baseball Projected Batters' Cards Debut

While still focused on basketball for another month, the requests for the 2023 projected Statis-Pro baseball cards are mounting, and we have completed the batters.

Click on this google sheet for the projected batters by team, and we have put the team in a potential batting order. As an example, here are the defending champion Houston Astros. 

We based fielding on Defensive Runs Saved over the past three seasons to determine the clutch defensive rating of 1 to 4 and the throwing arms and errors. The clutch defensive CD-5s were only giving to players nominated for Gold Gloves in 2022, and for pitchers nominated any time in the last four years. However, if a player has yet to play a single inning in an MLB infield, we noted that and do not have defense calculated yet.

Note, since initial post, we added the splits. Tucker strikes out on an 11 against left handed pitchers (number to left of slash), while Altuve singles and runners advance two bases on an 88 against lefties. The reserve is true against righties. Keep in mind the platoon adjustments are made whether the action is on the batters card or on the opposing pitchers card. The numbers are more extreme for Brantley (11-13 K against LHP, 87--88 single advance 2 against RHP) and McCormick (87-88 single advance 2 against lefties, K on 11 vs righties). I took each players combined batting average over the past three years against lefties, righties and overall, to calculate these splits.

When a ball is hit in the DEEP range you go to the chart below based on where the game is being played to see if it is a home run, or just a deep drive.

I finally figured out the only exact way to adjust the batters and pitchers the exact same amount based on their ballpark. When I finish the pitcher's cards, those who pitched in a big hitters park or big pitchers park will have the advantage or disadvantage of always adjusting the opposing batters RN during the game. This is exactly fair because this is the adjustment we make to the batters card before setting the deep range.

.For example, the ultimate pitchers' park the last three years has been San Diego's PETCO Park, so a huge advantage for their pitchers and disadvantage for their batters. The flip side as always is the Colorado Rockies Coors Field.

A note on all Rockies' pitchers cards will now say "subtract 2 from batter's RN which will be in effect except you cannot adjust below a 15 or above an 84 to avoid messing up the platoon numbers. That helps the Colorado pitchers just as the Colorado batters actually had the home run range in their card calculations lowered by 3 when calculating their cards.

Meanwhile the San Diego pitcher's cards will include the note "add one to batters card" to offset the fact that they have a big advantage of playing in a pitchers park, while their batters cards were calculated understanding that, and therefore their batters had the DEEP range added on top of their home run range that was calculated.

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