Saturday, February 18, 2023

#1 UConn (2016) 98, #20 Long Beach State (1987) 53

UConn 2016 lived up to our billing of them as the greatest women's team of all time by scoring on their first 11 possessions and crushing to a 98-53 win against Long Beach State.

In the final possession UConn had a chance to be our first Value Add Basketball Game women's team to hit the century mark,  but Long Beach State Center Cindy Brown grabbed a miss to end the game.

The game took 26 minutes to play from first dice roll to last, a reminder of how quick we made this game if you want to play. We have now played the top four all-time teams in our tournament, and all won, with only UConn 2010 being threatened until late in teh game by Duke 2006.

1st Round All-Time Women's TournamentHome FavoredActual Score
#20 Long Beach St. 1987 at #1 Connecticut 201634UConn wins 98-53
#19 Duke 2006 at #2 Connecticut 201032UConn wins 75-66
#18 Old Dominion 1980 at #3 Tennessee 199831Tennessee wins 80-55
#17 Texas 2018 at #4 Louisiana Tech 198225La Tech wins 84-62
#16 Louisville 2014 at #5 Baylor 201914TBD
#15 Oregon 2019 at #6 Baylor 201213TBD
#14 Washington 2017 at #7 USC 19839TBD
#12 Mississippi St. 2018 at #8 Stanford 20219TBD
#13 Notre Dame 2018 at #9 Texas A&M 20117TBD
#11 Ohio St. 2016 at #10 South Carolina 20174TBD

We are working toward the more competitive first round games. Based on the cards, the closest match-up appears to be Ohio State vs. South Carolina, where we estimated South Carolina is about one point better. However, because the game includes a home court advantage (home team can flip rolls of 36 or 66) worth about 3 points a game, South Carolina is a 4-point favorite in that game as the home team.

Scoresheet for UConn 98, Long Beach State 53

We show the points, rebounds, steals and blocked shots in the columns for each team in the scoresheet in the photo.

Moriah Jefferson was the star of this game out of the eight future WNBA players - scoring 28 points and with four steals.

She was part of a UConn starting front line that outscored the Long Beach front line 59-18. Morgan Tufk had 16 points and superstar Breanna Stewart had 15 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

Despite the 35 point loss, Penny Toler was her normal incredible self with 17 points and six steals. We ranked the Final Four team that dominated the west in the 1980s as possible the weakest of our all-time great teams, but the duo of point guard Brown (21.9 ppg) and center Brown (27.8 ppg) could be the greatest duo in women's history. However, in this game UConn simply prevented the ball from getting isnide to Stewart.

Based on their player cards we estimated they were about 34 points better than the Long Beach cards if playing at home, so the 45 point win was an even better performance. After the game we looked at their actual season scores and saw they opened with a similar score of 100-56 at #7 Ohio State, and their last four tournament wins (all against ranked opponents) were by an average of 35 points.

Teams from Baylor, USC, Louisiana Tech, Stanford, Tennessee and Maya Moore's UConn team from six years earlier all have a chance against UConn 2016 in our game tournament, but they do look like the team to beat.

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