Saturday, February 18, 2023

Statis-Pro baseball opening day with 2023 cards

 For the record, I am still in full basketball mode. However, having set up the Statis-Pro baseball cards for everyone, I do always want to play a couple of games to work out any kinks.

Plus it was interesting to play a double header in Milwaukee, going out and shoveling snow in Milwaukee in between games.

After the Cardinals win a crazy 11-9 extra inning game I also decided I'm going to real scoresheets after using condensed freehand to fit both games of a double header on one piece of paper.

Cardinals win the first game 6-1. Normally reliable Brewers bullpen fell apart in both.


  1. Thanks for doing this! is there any way you can put the data into individual card format like last year? No worries if not. Thanks again!!!

    1. Yes! It just takes a lot longer but ultimately it will be. Also while some.players are still being signed the sheet does let me change teams

    2. That makes perfect sense about waiting in order to get the most accurate rosters.

      I like the sheet idea too, I'm just not sure exactly how to use it. By any chance do you have a post that explains how to use it?

    3. Sorry, the key item is treat every number listed as the LAST item in that range. So a 15 under 1b means a single occurs in an 11-15. Then if the number after the 15 was a 21 under 2b means 21 is the highest double in the range,.so doubles start right after the last single,.and the "21" actually means 16-21 is the double range. That is the first thing and I will add more detail. Thank you!