Sunday, February 5, 2023

Four Teams Vie to Join Kansas 1997 and UCLA 1972 as 3rd All-Time Unbeaten

After a great day of college basketball, we flipped back to a couple of Value Add Basketball Games. Only six of our 136 teams are still undefeated.

UCLA is 6-0 due to winning the big tournament we did of the first 96 teams we created. Kansas 1997 is 5-0 after winning the second tournament we did after creating new teams. 

While those two teams rank 1st and 3rd, the other four teams have played only a game or two and rank between 44th and 71st in our all-time rankings. We decided we should at least let these teams play until they've lost at least once, so we are pitting 1982 Missouri against 2021 Colorado, and then 2021 USC against the team that might have won the tournament if not for Covid - 2020 Dayton.

At that point only two of those four will be undefeated, and then they can play each other and we will have one 3-0 team (or if Missouri wins both a 4-0 team) as the only undefeated team except for 1997 Kansas and 1972 UCLA).

RankNext GameYearPlayerWonLostScoreAllowRating
44Missouri1982Steve Stipanovich2069.565.51.5
62Colorado2021McKinley Wright1086.082.0-0.6
 Game After       
71Dayton2020Obi Toppin1087.082.0-1.6
56USC2021Evan Mobley1077.067.00.0
 Not playing, only other undefeated       
3Kansas1997Paul Pierce5076.862.214.7
1UCLA1972Bill Walton6072.062.015.5

As a reminder, to play you click on the Value Add Basketball Game to print scoresheets or review the rules and charts, then click on the 136 all-time great teams and you will see on page 1 that you click pages 16, 23, 82 and 123 to print those four teams.

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