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Great 18 Women's Teams Chosen for Game

We pulled together as many stats as we could for the history of college basketball, and chose these 18 teams for our initial All-Time Great Women's teams. We might have the player cards ready this weekend for use with the free Value Add Basketball Game.

Update, we did pull together the Long Beach State 1987 Final Four team, so these players will replace the more recent team listed below for the school.

We tried to limit every school to one team so that more would be represented, but did feel we had to include two teams from both Baylor and UConn. The first five players listed for each team are the players we plan to start, and each team has five reserves.

We list the teams in chronological order, starting with Nancy Lieberman's ODU two years before the NCAA had their first women's tournament.
YearCollegeP;auerStart?Notes on team or player
1980Old DominionRec: 72-2 (2 yr), SRS: NATitle"Magic" Lady pre-NCAA
1980Old DominionNancy LiebermansHOF -WNBA assists at 48 yrs old!
1980Old DominionInge NissensDouble-double machine
1980Old DominionAnne DonovansDouble-double machine
1980Old DominionAngela Cotmans 
1980Old DominionRhonda Rompolas 
1980Old DominionChris Critellir 
1980Old DominionSusan Richardsonr 
1980Old DominionLinda Jeromer 
1980Old DominionSue Brownr 
1980Old DominionNoreen Kemetherr 
1982Louisiana TechRec: 35-1, AP: 1stTitle1st official NCAA champs
1982Louisiana TechPam Kellys20.3 ppg, 9.1 reb
1982Louisiana TechJanice LawrencesHall of Fame
1982Louisiana TechAngela TurnersAll-American
1982Louisiana TechKim MulkeysHall of Fame
1982Louisiana TechLori Scotts 
1982Louisiana TechDebra Rodmanr 
1982Louisiana TechTia Sossamonr 
1982Louisiana TechPam Gantr 
1982Louisiana TechJennifer WhiterBig off bench in title game
1982Louisiana TechJulie Wilkersonr 
1983USCRec: 31-2, SRS: NATitleCheryl Miller best ever?
1983USCCheryl MillersPOY, HOF 20.4, 9.7 R, 3.5 St
1983USCPaula McgeesAll-American
1983USCPam McgeesAll-American
1983USCCynthia CoopersHall of Fame
1983USCRhonda Windhams 
1983USCJamaiia Bondr 
1983USCJuliette Robinsonr 
1983USCKathy DoylerAll-Conf another yr
1983USCMelissa Wardr 
1983USCYolanda FletcherrHit big shots in F4
1998TennesseeRec: 39-0, AP: 1stTitlePat Summitt's most dominant
1998TennesseeChamique HoldsclawsPOY, Hall of Fame
1998TennesseeTamika Catchingss1 of 3 could score 20 a game
1998TennesseeKellie Jollys1 of 3 could score 20 a game
1998TennesseeSemeka Randalls 
1998TennesseeKristen "Ace" Clements 
1998TennesseeTeresa Geterr 
1998TennesseeNiya Buttsr 
1998TennesseeLaShonda Stephensr 
1998TennesseeBrynae Laxtonr 
1998TennesseeLaurie Milliganr 
2006DukeRec: 31-4, SRS: 24Runner-upLed by 13 in Title Game vs. MD
2006DukeAlison Baless15 pt, 13 reb to upset Uconn
2006DukeMonique CurriesStrong WNBA
2006DukeMistie Williamss 
2006DukeLindsey Hardings 
2006DukeWanisha Smiths 
2006DukeAbby Wanerrcould score 10 off bench
2006DukeChante Blackr 
2006DukeJessica Foleyr 
2006DukeLaura Kurzr45% 3-pt, 87% FT
2006DukeCarrem Gayr63% FG despite inj
2010ConnecticutRec: 39-0, SRS: 50TitleOnly 2 w/ SRS 50 are UConn
2010ConnecticutMaya MooresPlayer of the Year
2010ConnecticutTina Charless18 ppg, 10 rpg
2010ConnecticutKalana Greenes 
2010ConnecticutTiffany Hayess 
2010ConnecticutCaroline Dotys 
2010ConnecticutMeghan Gardlerr 
2010ConnecticutKelly Farisr 
2010ConnecticutKaili McLarenr 
2010ConnecticutLorin Dixonr 
2010ConnecticutHeather Buckr 
2011Texas A&MRec: 33-5, SRS: 39TitleMost dominant 1 player title
2011Texas A&MDanielle Adamss22.3 ppg, 8.5 rpg
2011Texas A&MTyra Whites 
2011Texas A&MSydney Carters 
2011Texas A&MAdaora Elonus 
2011Texas A&MSydney Colsons 
2011Texas A&MKarla Gilbertr 
2011Texas A&MMaryann Bakerr 
2011Texas A&MAdrienne Pratcherr 
2011Texas A&MKelsey Assarianr 
2011Texas A&MSkylar Collinsr 
2012BaylorRec: 40-0, SRS: 43TitlePOY & next POY
2012BaylorBrittney GrinersPOY, 23 ppg, 9 rpg
2012BaylorOdyssey SimssPOY, HOF
2012BaylorDestiny Williamss 
2012BaylorKimetria Haydens 
2012BaylorJordan Maddens 
2012BaylorBrooklyn Poper 
2012BaylorTerran Condreyr 
2012BaylorAshley Fieldr 
2012BaylorSune Agbuker 
2012BaylorMakenzie Robertsonr 
2016ConnecticutRec: 38-0, SRS: 52TitleHighest SRS ever, 52
2016ConnecticutBreanna StewartsPlayer of the Year
2016ConnecticutMoriah Jeffersons2.6 steals per game
2016ConnecticutMorgan Tucks 
2016ConnecticutKatie Lou Samuelsons 
2016ConnecticutKia Nurses 
2016ConnecticutGabby Williamsr 
2016ConnecticutNapheesa Collierr 
2016ConnecticutNatalie Butlerr 
2016ConnecticutSaniya Chongr 
2016ConnecticutCourtney Ekmarkr 
2016Ohio St.Rec: 26-8, SRS: 27Sweet 16Need little more help for Kelsey
2016Ohio St.Kelsey MitchellsPOY 26 ppg
2016Ohio St.Ameryst Alstons18 ppg
2016Ohio St.Alexa Harts11 ppg, 8 rpg
2016Ohio St.Asia Dosss 
2016Ohio St.Cait Crafts 
2016Ohio St.Shayla Cooperr13.3, 8.1 off bench
2016Ohio St.Makayla Watermanr 
2016Ohio St.Lisa Blairr 
2016Ohio St.Kaylan Pughr 
2016Ohio St.Chelsea Mitchellr 
2017Long Beach St.Rec: 23-11, SRS: 41st roundNot enough stats 87 & 88 Final 4
2017Long Beach St.Madison Montgomerys 
2017Long Beach St.Anna Kims 
2017Long Beach St.Jewelyn Sawyers 
2017Long Beach St.Gigi Hascheffs 
2017Long Beach St.Martina McCowans 
2017Long Beach St.Raven Bentonr 
2017Long Beach St.Jessica Gertzr 
2017Long Beach St.Cecily Wilsonr 
2017Long Beach St.Chanterria Jacksonr 
2017Long Beach St.Katie Websterr 
2017South CarolinaRec: 33-4, SRS: 36TitleCould have another title this yr
2017South CarolinaA'ja WilsonsPlayer of the Year
2017South CarolinaAllisha Grays 
2017South CarolinaKaela Daviss 
2017South CarolinaAlaina Coatess 
2017South CarolinaTyasha Harriss 
2017South CarolinaBianca Cuevas-Moorer 
2017South CarolinaMikiah Herbert Harriganr 
2017South CarolinaDoniyah Clineyr 
2017South CarolinaVictoria Patrickr 
2017South CarolinaAraion Bradshawr 
2017WashingtonRec: 29-6, SRS: 34Sweet 16Pac-12 rising back to top
2017WashingtonKelsey PlumsAll-time great, 31.7 ppg
2017WashingtonChantel Osahors16 ppg, 15 rpg
2017WashingtonNatalie Romeos 
2017WashingtonAari McDonalds 
2017WashingtonKatie Colliers 
2017WashingtonHeather Corralr 
2017WashingtonHannah Johnsonr 
2017WashingtonMai-Loni Hensonr 
2017WashingtonDeja Strotherr 
2017WashingtonAmber Melgozar 
2018Notre DameRec: 35-3, SRS: 36TitleRallied from 13 down for title
2018Notre DameArike OgunbowalesPlayer of the Year
2018Notre DameJessica Shepards16 ppg, 8 reb
2018Notre DameJackie Youngs 
2018Notre DameMarina Mabreys2 steals per game
2018Notre DameKathryn Westbelds 
2018Notre DameKristina Nelsonr 
2018Notre DameDanielle Pattersonr 
2018Notre DameLili Thompsonr 
2018Notre DameMikayla Vaughnr 
2018Notre DameKaitlin Coler 
2018TexasRec: 28-7, SRS: 33Sweet 16Two Elite 8s since then, so close
2018TexasAriel Atkinss15 ppg, 3 steals per game
2018TexasBrooke McCartys 
2018TexasLashann Higgss 
2018TexasJatarie Whites 
2018TexasAudrey-Ann Caron-Goudreaus 
2018TexasSug Suttonr 
2018TexasJoyner Holmesr 
2018TexasJordan Hoseyr 
2018TexasRellah Boother 
2018TexasJada Underwoodr 
2019BaylorRec: 37-1, SRS: 42TitleAbout equal to Griner's team
2019BaylorKalani Browns15.8 ppg
2019BaylorLauren Coxs 
2019BaylorChloe Jacksons 
2019BaylorJuicy Landrums 
2019BaylorDiDi Richardss 
2019BaylorNaLyssa SmithrPOY later
2019BaylorQueen Egbor 
2019BaylorMoon Ursinr 
2019BaylorHonesty Scott-Graysonr 
2019BaylorAquira DeCostar 
2019OregonRec: 33-5, SRS: 38Final 4Covid season was shot at title
2019OregonSabrina Ionescusall-time great
2019OregonSatou Saballys 
2019OregonRuthy Hebards16 ppg, 9 rpg
2019OregonErin Boleys 
2019OregonMaite Cazorlas 
2019OregonOti Gildonr 
2019OregonTaylor Chavezr 
2019OregonLydia Giomir 
2019OregonMorgan Yaegerr 
2019OregonNyara Saballyr 
2021StanfordRec: 19-2, SRS: 42TitleFollowed title w/ Final 4, next?
2021StanfordKiana Williamss 
2021StanfordHaley Joness 
2021StanfordLexie Hulls 
2021StanfordCameron Brinks 
2021StanfordAnna Wilsons 
2021StanfordFrancesca Belibir 
2021StanfordHannah Jumpr 
2021StanfordAshten Prechtelr 
2021StanfordLacie Hullr 
2021StanfordJana Van Gytenbeekr

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