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Colorado 2021 confusing rotation vs. Missouri 1982 six-man rotation

One reason we are trying to play each team in the game a couple of times is to catch anything confusing about a particular team, and to add the suggested player rotation. This was definitely needed as we reviewed Colorado 2021, which featured the 4th best player in the country according to Value Add Basketball (McKinley Wright), and the 8th best team in the country that year according to

Colorado already upsets Illinois 1989 by an 86-82 margin, and scored heavy again with am 89-82 win against the Missouri 1982. That year Missouri won the Big 12 and Colorado was last place - but in 2021 Colorado was great. If USC beats Dayton 2020 in our other game in the 4-team battle of lesser known unbeatens, it would set up a Pac-12 showdown between teams Pomeroy said were almost even that year.


Note you can use the basic rules of the game by simply playing the bottom row of players on the team for possessions 44 down to 38, then playing the top line starters from possession 37-1. 

If you play advanced rules then you try to keep players to the number of possessions b their "Stamina" number. The Colorado numbers were not filled in before we played, but we found it was necessary to write them out to keep track and they are now on the bottom of the cards as indicated above.

Here is what we wrote before the game:

In setting up the Colorado 2021 at Missouri 1982 game, we realized setting up the rotation for Colorado was a little tricky to keep all 10 players to their Stamina rating. First, the players do not have enough total Stamina to play at strength the entire game because the Staminas only add up to 217. 

You don't need to be a stickler on this, but if a player plays more than his Stamina, then every 20-sided die roll needs to be adjusted up 1 to make a missed slight slightly more likely, and every 11-66 roll must be adjusted one against him in either direction to help the opposing team. 

Colorado has 217 total Stamina between their 10 players and you need 220 to have 5 players on the court for all 44 possessions. We chose Walker to play 11 possessions, three past his Stamina limit, so on possessions 36-34 any die roll involving him is adjusted.

Here is what we came up with - and in this case we printed out a table. Most reams are much easier and in fact Missouri 1982 only plays six players.

44-44DanielsBarthelemy (&6)SchwartzWalker (&7)   Walton (&8)   44
43-38McKinley (&6)    Barthelemy            DanielsWalker (&7)    Walton (&8)43
37-36McKinley (&6)ParquetDanielsWalker (&7)Walton (&8)37
35-34McKinley (&6)ParquetDanielsWalker (&7)da Silva35
33-32McKinley (&6)ParquetHorne (&7)   Danielsda Silva33
31-31McKinley (&6)ParquetSchwartzDanielsBattey (&8)31
30-29McKinley (&6)DanielsSchwartzHorne (&7)Battey (&8)29
28-26McKinley (&6)DanielsSchwartzDanielsBattey (&8)28
25-1McKinley (&6)ParquetSchwartzHorne (&7)Battey (&8)26

To break down the players in the order they appear on the sheets:

1, Wright (&6), 43, PG 43-1

2, Parquet, 34, SG 37-32, 28-1

3, Schwartz, 32, SF 44, 33-1

4, Horne (&7), 29, SF 33-32, PF 30-29, 25-1

5, Battey (&8), 31, C 31-1

6, Barthelemy (&6), 7, SG 44-38

7, Daniels, 19, PG 44, SF 43-34, PF 33-31, SG 30-29, PF 28-26

8, Walker (&7), 8, PF 44-34 (stamina gone 36-34)

9, da Silva, 5, C 35-32

10, Walton (&8), 9, C 44-36

, Total Stamina, 217, (game needs 220 stamina for 5 players 44 possessions each)


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