Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Developing #17 Texas 2018 women at #4 Louisiana Tech

 Our 3rd of 4 heavily favored 1st round teams Louisiana Tech hosts the Texas Longhorns next. Will see if we can fit it in Tuesday night after work.

After calculating the cards of 20 all-time great women's, four looked almost unbeatable for the opening round. Of the other three, Tennessee 1998 did blow out ODU 1979, but May Moore's UConn team faced a stronger than expected challenge from Duke 2006 before winning by then. After this game UConn 2016 will be the only of the top four to play. After playing these four heavy favorites, the six more competitive opening round games will be played.

Kudos again to the incredible upgrade a Basketball Reference to recently release many women's seasons with more to come - which will make our women's cards more and more accurate after piecing stats together in some cases for the Value Add Basketball Game.

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