Sunday, December 4, 2022

Greatest 18 Pitchers from 12 Countries or States

We already posted the batting cards for pitchers for our new World Baseball Classic Statis-Pro Baseball Cards, and here are their actual pitching cards. They also appear on this google sheet, and I will see if the reader who put together the great PDFs can do the same with these. We still need to create the batter sheets for the same teams.

I selected the top 6 starting pitchers and those are in blue at the beginning of each team. If my first game is Asia vs. California, then I would start Shohei Ohtani against Randy Johnson. If you scroll across you will notice that I have not filled in whether a pitcher is left-handed or righthanded, and for now I also just made everyone an average fielder.

The biggest factor in determining a pitchers PB rating is his career ERA divided by the average ERA in his middle nine seasons. The only pitcher in the game whose ERA was less than half the MLB average is Mariano Rivera. Also the changes in eras do yield different ranges due to types of play. For example, even Nolan Ryan's incredible strikeout records at the time yield an 18-42 strikeout range - amazing at the time but actually just above average in today's game of strikeouts and home runs. However, only allowing hits on 11-16 puts the all-time no hitter champion in a spot to do it anytime he is hot.

I went with 6 starting pitchers so that if I play in my four team divisions, each team can play the other three in a double header and have each starter pitch in one of those games. The pitchers in black font are then the middle relievers in order of best to worst, and then the three pitchers in red are the closers to use in late innings. Obviously you can use any pitcher in your games, but I want to set them up on a logical order to make it easier to choose.

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