Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Annual End of Year Consideration - Please Click

 Sorry our content is often low around the end of year. This is the time I am focused on raising money for my non-profit, Take Back Action Fund.

You know as a reader, we never charge for either of our games - Statis-Pro Baseball and the Value Add Basketball Game - or the player cards we make for either one. We put out annual Statis-Pro Baseball cards and have produced the all-time 60 great teams as well as the all-time international teams. The basketball game includes 135 all-time great college basketball teams from the 1940s through the 2021 Baylor national champs. We also produced the 2020 teams to play off the strike cancelled season, and now have a programmer working on a great tool that we hope can create all teams from the beginning of Ken Pomeroy's pages. Another person developed PDFs to make the Statis-Pro game easier to play.

We hope you enjoy either or both games or other content on these pages as we approach half a million visits.

While this page will always be my unpaid labor of love, if you do make end-of-year contributions to non-profits, we certainly appreciate you clicking here to contribute to fund my day job at Take Back Action Fund. Thank you for your once a year consideration.

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