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Statis-Pro Play-by-play cards - Dodgers at Brewers for 1st Place

For our biggest series of the NL Statis-Pro season to date, we decided to score the game on a table to show readers new to Statis-Pro how to play the game. 

Here is the first of the two games. We will insert a table after 3 innings, and then a picture of the cards during a big moment during those three innings:

1st to 3rd Inning Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37
      Top 1st - Burns (SR 12,PB2-9) vs. Dodgers
T. Turner (2b)No8-P67Out12grounder SS to 1b
Betts (rf)No7-P111bf11infield single (SR drop 1 allow runner)
      Failed to steal (Betts SP B, Narvaez TC)
Muncy (1b)1st6-P87Out11grouder 5-3, Betts to 2nd base
Smith (c) 2nd7-P73Out10F7 (SR drop 1 for end of inning)
      Middle 1st, Brewers 0, Dodgers 0
      Bot 1st - Buehler (SR 14, PB2-8) vs. Brewers
Yelich (lf)No11-B54W13Walk
 1st 28  Steals (Yelich SP B, Smith TB)
Cain (rf)2nd11-B34HR10Homer, SR minus for hit and 2 runs allowed
Adames (ss)No9-B141B89Single to CF
Vogelbach (1b)1st8-P62Out9Deep fly left
Escobar (3b)1stBD65 9Foul, still at bat (11-32 needed for clutch hit)
Wong (2b)1st6-P86Out8F8 - lose 1 off SR for end of inning
      End 1st - Brewers 2, Dodgers 0
      Top 2nd- Burns (SR 10) vs. Dodgers
Pollack (lf)No10-B75Out10G 1-3
Seager (ss)No7-P111bf9infield single (SR drop 1 allow runner)
J. Turner (3b)1st5-P41K9strikeout
Bellinger (cf)1stBD132B7Clutch Batting RBI Double, Seager scores
Buhler (p)2nd 82Out6G3. If no batter hits in 20s, skip PB, use bat
      Middle 2nd, Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Bottom 2nd - Buehler (SR8)
Bradley (cf)No5-P84Out8G1-3
Narvaez (c) No5-P27K8strikeout
Burnes (p)  65Out7G5-3
      End 2nd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Top 3rd- Burns (SR 6) vs. Dodgers
T. Turner (2b)No4-P66Out6F4
Betts (rf)No9-P82Out6L1
Muncy (1b)No5-P45K5Strikeout
      Middle 3rd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Bottom 3rd - Buehler (SR7)
Yelich (lf)No9-B66Out7Grounder 1st
Cain (rf)No7-P25K7strikeout
Adames (ss)NoCD   CD (clutche def) ignored, noone on base
 No5-P211B96single to RF
Vogelbach (1b)1st7-P83Out6G5-3
      End of 3rd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1

As an example, the first line shows that Brewer Corbin Burns started the game with a PB2-9 (the best possible), and an SR (endurance) of 12. Any time a pitcher lets a runner on base that is his fault (not an error) the SR (or RR for relievers) is lowered by 1, if that runner scores it drops another 1, and at the end of every inning it drops 1. Once a pitcher runs out of endurance and his PB starts to drop 1 for every further reduction if he stays in the game. If Burns 12 was reduced to 0, then his PB would drop to PB2-8, then 2-7, 4-7, 2-6, 2-5, 2-4, 2-3, 2-2 and then you would skip the PB and go straight to the 11-88 random number on the opposing batter's card.

The first batter in this game was Trea Turner, so the columns include his name and position, then what bases had a runner when he came up (No = No one on base). The next column shows the PB roll of 2-12 (or in our case on the fast action card instead of dice) was an 8 and we put 8-P to note that the 8 kept the card on the pitcher's card (Burnes) whereas if it were a 10 we would type 10-B to show it was on Turner's card.

The random number (11-88 dice roll or in our case on fast action cards) was a 67, which is an "Out" on the card. Because Turner did not reach base, Burns is still a "12" as shown on the last card. If you are using a 20-sided dice and the out chart in the game, or if you have fast action cards like shown in the picture, then you can determine the type of out (if not, just record an OUT and leave every on base as though it were a popout). In this case the type of out on the random card was a grounder to shortstop.

Here is the photo when the Random Number of 34 resulted in Cain's homer off Buhler in the 1st inning.

4th to 6th Inning Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37

Here are the results of the middle three innings.
      Top 4th- Burns (SR 5) vs. Dodgers
Smith (c) No7-P28K5strikeout
Pollack (lf)No7-P62CD-C5FD7 (CD-C with none on base = Out)
Seager (ss)No10-B37Deep Deep drive means check ball park
   36 336 is homer (Mil 11-48 homer, 51-88 out)
J. Turner (3b)No7-P31K2strikeout
      Middle 4th - Brewers 2, Dodgers 2
      Bottom 4th - Buehler (SR6)
Escobar (3b)No10-B61Out6F8
Wong (2b)No9-B36W5walk
Bradley (cf)1st5-P51W4walk,now 1st and 2nd base
Narvaez (c) 1,2Z73  Z-play fielding chart
   612B71Pollack (E5) misplays fly into 2-run double
Burnes (p)2nd 58Out1G4-3, Narvaez to 3rd
Yelich (lf)3rd9-B78Out0G6-3
      End 4th - Brewers 4, Dodgers 2
      Top 5th- Burns (PB8) vs. Dodgers
      Burns ave. 3 IP, lower PB by 1 to pitch past 4
Bellinger (cf)No7-P26K0strikeout
Taylor (ph)No2-P82Out0G5-3
T. Turner (2b)No5-P42Out0F7
      Middle 5th - Brewers 4, Dodgers 2
      Bottom 5th - Urias (PB4-7, RR6) vs. Brewers
Cain (rf)NoBD   ignore BD (clutch bat), no one on base
  7-P67Out6L3 - liner to 1st
Adames (ss)No5-P161b95single to right
Vogelbach (1b)1st4-P131b74single to left
Escobar (3b)1,28-B172b72double to left, Adames scores
Wong (2b)2,36-P71Out1infield back: G6-3, Vogelbach scores
Bradley (cf)3rd6-P64Out0G6-3
      End 5th - Brewers 6, Dodgers 2
      Top 6th- Suter (PB2-8, RR 4) vs. Dodgers
Betts (rf)No8-P75Out4Error SS, Betts to 2nd
Muncy (1b)2nd10-B27HR3Homer, Betts and Muncy Score
Smith (c) No6-P65Out3F3
Pollack (lf)No7-P171b82single to center
   52  Pollack (Steal B) out stealing (Narvaez TC)
Seager (ss)No5-P54Out1G1-3
      Middle 6th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 6th - Knebel (PB2-7, RR3) vs. Brewers
Narvaez (c) No10-B44K3strikeout
Suter (p)No4-P41K3strikeout
Yelich (lf)No7-P86out2F9
      End of 6th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4

Here is the 37, which resulted in a DEEP drive for Seager. At that point we looked at the Milwaukee ballpark factor which is 11-48 = HR, and 51-88 = deep drive with any runners advancing. The next card after this photo was a 36, meanign the drive went out of the ballpark to cut the Brewers lead to 6-4.

7th Inning through end of Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37

Here is the finale in the first game for 1st place in the entire NL as well as the NL East.

      Top 7th- Suter (RR 1) vs. Dodgers
J. Turner (3b)No5-P47walk0Walk, Suter PB drops to PB2-7
Bellinger (cf)1st4-P211b8 single center, J. Turner to 3rd, Suter PB4-7
Barnes (ph)1,23-B34K strikeout
T. Turner (2b)1,25-P47walk walk, bases loaded 1 out, Suter replaced
      Yardley (PB4-7, RR 3) replaces Suter
Betts (rf)LoadCD   2B Wong (CD5) chance for clutch defense
   23  Wong diving catch of line drive, 4-6 DP
      Middle 7th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 7th - Treinen (PB2-7, RR3) vs. Brewers
Cain (rf)No8-B171b82single to center
Adames (ss)1st7-P72Out2F7
Vogelbach (1b)1st9-B121b81single CF
      Bellinger (CF, T5) throws out Cain at 3rd
Escobar (3b)1st7-P46walk0Walk, Treinen PB4-7
Wong (2b)1,27-P73Out ground second to shortstop
      End of 7th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4
      Top 8th- Williams (PB2-8, RR 3) vs. Dodgers
Muncy (1b)No5-P42K3strikeout
Smith (c) No5-P111bf2infield single
Pollack (lf)1st8-P26K2strikeout
Seager (ss)1st6-P55walk1walk, Smith to 2nd base
J. Turner (3b)1,25-P84Out0grounder to 2nd base
      Middle 8th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 8th - Kelly (PB2-8, RR2) vs. Brewers
Bradley (cf)No6-P57WP2L3. with noone on base, WP, PB or BK = Out
Narvaez (c) No12-B151b91single to right
Garcia (ph)1st8-P61CD-C Muncy (c) chance clutch defensive play
   51  Passed ball Muncy, Narvaez to 2nd base
 2nd4-P68Out G6-3
      End of 8th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4
      Top 9th- Hader (PB2-9, RR 2) vs. Dodgers
Bellinger (cf)No6-P51K strikeout
Pujols (ph)No8-P43K strikeout
T. Turner (2b)NoBD   BD, ignore when noone on base
  5-P141b8 singled to center field
   11  Turner (Speed A) steals 2nd of Narvaez (TC)
Betts (rf)2nd5-P22K strikeout
      FINAL - Brewers 6, Dodgers 4

Here is a photo of the play of the game. 

With the Brewers winning in the top of the 7th inning, the Dodgers loaded the bases with one out to bring Mookie Betts to the plate. If playing with dice the PB is always a 2-12 result. This is the case almost all the time when the Fast Action Cards are used in place of dice, there are occasions when a Z (unusual plays), BD (clutch batting), or CD (clutch fielding). The latter two are ignored if noone on base.

On this occasion, a CD came up instead of a 2-12 number that would have put the Random Number of 11-88 on either Betts card or the reliever Yardley (PB4-7).

The next card indicated the player with the chance at the Clutch Defensive play was the Brewers excellent 2nd baseman Wong. whose CD5 (the highest of 5 defensive ratings) means on the chart that an 11-48 is a line drive out with the lead runner doubled off, a 51-78 is a great play on a grounder and throw to force the lead runner (whether or not he is forced) and an 81-88 would have been a single up the middle to score two runs and tie the game. 

In the play of the game, Wong grabbed a line drive and turned it into an inning ending double play to end the bases loaded threat with the score still 6-4, which the Brewers maintained to win.

Here is a photo of the 3 Fast Action Cards and Wong and Betts at the top of their stacks. 

The Dodgers dropped to 53-40 and 1st Place Brewers improved to 55-38, meaning the Dodgers needed to win the nightcap and lead by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning without using their best pitcher available (Jansen) by the 8th. 

Here is the traditional scoresheet from that 2nd game. We did not do the play by play like above for that game.

Kershaw dominated for 8 shutout innings in the nightcap. Smith's double keyed a 3-run 1st inning, and after another double in the 5th his rbi single capped a 3-run 9th for a 6-0 win.

Unfortunately this does not count as a sweep because the Dodgers did not lead by 5 at the end of the 8th, but the win did give them a 3 games to 3 split to leave them just one game behind the Brewers at 55-41 (Milwaukee is 56-40).

If the Dodgers do at least one game better that the Brewers in the last 2 series then they would actually win the division and bye because at that point they would have a 1 game better record against the 10 teams that were not relegated.

The two teams finish the season 6-6 in the head-to-head (first tie-breaker) and both are 37-29 against the 10 teams who made the cut, so if the Dodgers win at least 1 more game then the Brewers the rest of the way, they would be ahead in the 2nd tie-breaker to take the division.

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