Sunday, September 5, 2021

Brewers, Dodgers, Mets the 7 Teams Within a Game

With the top 2 teams in each division faving off next, our grid of Statis-pro results shows our tightest wild card race ever.

A minus signs under GB (games back) would indicate how many games out of the last wild card spot a team is, but no team currently is out of the playoffs - five teams are tied for the last wild card spot so have a "0" and the other teams have a + to indicate how many games ahead of the last spot they are.

Here are the next games with how many games ahead of the last playoff spot each team is as their No. 2 and No. 3 starters square off.

North and West Division:

Dodgers (+6) at Brewers (+7). If the Dodgers can win the series 4-2 then they have the inside track for the division because they would win the season series 7-5 over the Brewers to officially move into first. If the Brewers split 3-3 they would keep the 1-game lead. Both teams are a near lock for the playoffs, but whoever wins the division gets the crucial 1st round bye. Buhler (pb2-8) and Kershaw (2-7) at Burnes (2-9) and Peralta (2-7).

Giants (+1) at Padres (+0). Everyone scrambing for the final wild card spots. If teams end up tied for MAKING the playoffs then playin game(s) are played, but for winning the division or home advantage the tie-breakers are head-to-head, in division if same division, against qualifiers, and then against the top team in the whole league, 2nd best team etc. Wood (pb 4-7) and Cueto (4-7) at Lamet (2-8) and Musgrove (2-7).

Cubs (+0) done for this round so only 2 series, once through rotation, remaining.

South and East Division

Braves (+1) at Mets (+5). Perhaps last chance to threaten the Mets for the division. With Mets pitcher injuries, if the Braves won 5 games to 1 they would actually move into first by tying the Mets at 52-44 and wimning the season series to own the tie breaker. Mets stay in first if they gi at least 2 and 4. Morton (pb2-7) and Anderson (4-7) at Carrasco (2-7) and Lucchesi (2-7).

Cardinals (+0) at Nationals (+0). Cardinals need to dominate the Nats trade depleted pitching staff because the Braves and Reds srill get to play the Nats in the final two series. Kim (pb 4-7) and Mikolas (4-7) at Fedde (4-7) and Corbin (2-6).

Reds (+0) only 2 series left.

For those who dont know, the PB range by the pitchers are the numbers on which he controls the action and can allow no worse than a single on a roll of two dice from 2-12. A pb 2-9 is best (30 of 36 dice combinations), 2-8 (26 of 36), 2-7 (21 of 36), 4-7 (18 of 36 or a 50-50), 2-6 (15 of 36), 2-5 (10 of 36) and 2-4 (6 of 36).

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