Monday, September 6, 2021

Final 10 NL Statis-pro Series (Giants split with Padres)

After the Padres-Giants Series (see below), each team has two 2-game series remaining, counting as a total of 12 games. Here is our grid of all games.

Here are the final 10 total series remaining before the playoffs, with a note of how many games out (negative number) or ahead of the last playoff spot each team is. The series can be played in any order with each team startinf their 1st and 4th best pitchers or the 2nd and 3rd best in each series.

North and West - Padres have toughest schedule, a game out of the playoffs and needing to play the top 2 teams in the NL.

Brewers +6 vs Cubs -1

Brewers +6 vs. Padres -1

Dodgers +5 vs. Padres -1

Dodgers +5 vs. Giants +0

Giants +0 vs. Cubs -1

North and South - Mets have a 4-game cushion, while Braves vs. Cards features the 2 divisional teams tied for the last playoff spot.

Mets +4 vs. Cardinals +0

Mets +4 vs. Reds -1

Braves +0 vs. Cardinals +0

Braves +0 vs. Nationals -2

Reds -1 vs. Nationals -2

Padres vs. Giants

Padres Musgrove (7 IP, 1 R), Melancon and Adams combined for a 3-1 win in the nightcap to salvage a split. 

Tatis led the Padres bats woth a 4 of 8 series including 3 homers and a double.

However, the Giants stayed ahead in the standings with 12 hits in the 6th through 9th innings alone to rally from down 3-1 to a 9-4 win. It was not a sweep because they led by only 3 at the end if the 8th inning.

LaStella went 6 of 9 with a double and homer and Posey went 3 of 8 including a double.


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