Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Click Value Add Basketball Player Cards for any D1 College Team

Click here for the new Value Add Basketball Player cards for all 347 teams who took the court. You can play off March Madness games before they happen, or play any other match-up you'd like using the Value Add Basketball Game.

Playing cards will be complete soon for select teams, but all the same information is listed for each player. The player cards for Gonzaga and Illinois are pictured below, followed by notes on the what each line means. 

To play the game just click on the Value Add Basketball Game, but since these 2021 teams are printed in rows rather than cards, here are some extra tips.

The first thing to note is the dunk range, 51-56 for Illinois, and then the team's adjustment to the other team-s dunk range, a national best -6 for Illinois. These ratings apply to all players on the team.

The first five players in each team, ending with the player with a shaded Grey row are the players who started the most games for the team and thus are considered the starters (St). The players listed after the Grey are bench players (Be).

While many teams list 3 or 4 starters as guards, we use the traditional position names from the point guard (1) as the player with thr most assists who plays furthest from the basket to the center (5) whom plays closest to the basket most.often. 

As an example, Illinois All-American Ayo Dosunmu is listed as a guard by Illinois. However, because three other Illini starters play outside a lot and are great 3-point shooters and Ayo gets almost all his points driving to the rim, and he is a great rebounder, we categorize him as the 4 (traditionally a power forward). The reason he is best at this position in the game is the forwards and center have more chances at rebounds and he has a better chance at winning those battles.

Part of the strategy is in determining when to substitute. Starters are really "finishers" in the game. You want them in the game through the end of the game.

Possessions count down from 44 to the final possession, 1. 

If you want to keep it simple, play any subs you have from 44-38, the first 7 possessions of the game, then have all the starters play the final 37 possessions, from 37-1.

Advanced Game Substitutions

However for a more accurate game, use the Stamina numbers on the far right of the player row to determine how many possessions each can play.

If you scroll out to the far right of Ayo's row you see a stamina rating of 44 for Ayo. The Value Add number next to it, the 10.17, just let's you know how good the player is. The average starter is a 2.50 and anything higher than a 10 is an All-American level player.

If you look at the Illinois starters, Frazier at PG  also has a stamina of 44, so both he and Ayo can play the whole game at Pg and pf with no substitutions.

At center you could.play Bezhaniahvili from possessions 44-34- then bring in the starter Cockburn for possessions 33-1 since he has a stamina of 33.

At sg a substitute Cubelo has a very high Value Add off the bench so you may want to use all 22 of his stamina, starting by using 20 of his 22 stamina at sg from 44-25- so Miller finishes from 24-1.

That would save 2 more possessions Cubelo could play at sf, from 24-23. That gives enough possessions at sf for Gradison to use all his stamina in the game from 44-33, then starter Williams could play 33-25 and then again from 22-1 after Cubelo plays his 2 possessions.

Hawkins is the one bench player who would not be needed unless someone fouls out.

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