Saturday, December 30, 2023

3000+ Unique Visitors for Latest 16 Teams - JMU 2024 vs. Oregon State 1982 Next

We are seeing some of our highest traffic to this page, with more than 3,000 unique visitors in the last 36 hours. Thank you for your interest! 

The newest 16 teams have been created, and we will fold them into the 200 overall great teams shortly. For now, you can pull up any of the 16 teams via this link. As we go through and update the list of 200, we are breaking them into 8 files of 25 great teams each - and have started by creating this "New List A - Alabama 1977 to Connecticut 2004."  With some of the google docs getting up to 50 pages, we were being told they were opening slowly for some, so hopefully these 26 page docs (1 cover sheet with list of teams, then 25 teams) will make it easier to open and print your team.

List A - Alabama 1977 to Connecticut 2004

List B - Connecticut 2023 to Georgia Tech 2004.

List C - Gonzaga 2017to Kentucky 1948

List D - Kentucky 1970 to Miami 1965

List E - Miami 2013 to North Carolina St. 1974

List F - Northwestern 2017 to Seton Hall 1989

List G - Seton 2020 to UCLA 2006

List H - UCLA 2021 to Xavier 2023

Having almost had a 16- over 1- upset in our first game of a modern upcoming Virginia athletic program (Liberty 2023) against an all-time great (Massachusetts 1996), we will try a similar combo next. The current James Madison University team (2024) will play one of the best defensive teams in the entire game, Oregon State 1982.

The JMU 51-55 dunk range combine with the Oregon State -6 defensive adjustment takes the JMU dunk range for the game below 50 to a "49-51," which the chart in the game shows means a 51 is a STOP, with JMU failing to score and the Oregon State defender on the player with the ball getting a rebound. The Oregon State low offensive dunk range of 51-50 is increased slightly by JMU's weaker defense of +3, so on a 51-53 Oregon State gets to the hoop for a dunk, unless they prefer the result of the 20-sided die (a 3-pointer made, or occasionally even drawing a foul if it would be on a player in foul trouble).

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