Thursday, December 28, 2023

16 Newest Great Teams - Player Cards in Sheet Form

 We are almost done with the 16 new all-time great college teams. This leaves 200 total all-time great teams in the Value Add Basketball Game, ranging from the 1943 Wyoming Cowboys to this year's first James Madison University team - with many Final Four teams in between.

The cards start in sheet form, and now we are in the final stage of double checking the numbers below, and adding the dunk range and defensive range. That figure is essential as it adjusts for level of competition the team faces and their era. The more numbers in the dunk range (51-66 is the highest possible but 51-53 is average) adjusts their offense up, while the next number is the defensive number adjusting the opponent's dunk range. A negative second number is better as that number is deducted from or added to the opponents dunk range.

The orange names are the five starters from each team, followed by five reserves. Once we finish calculating the dunk ranges and double checking all numbers, these will be merged into player cards.

Listed in the same order, here are the players with their heights, points per game, and which also played in the NBA.

Bradley 1954John Kent,6'1,13 ppg
Bradley 1954Bob Carney,6'1,16.2 ppg,NBA
Bradley 1954Eddie King,6'4,9.2 ppg
Bradley 1954Dick Estergard,6'4,14.5 ppg
Bradley 1954Dick Petersen,6'5,6.3 ppg
Bradley 1954Lee O'Connell,6'2,3.2 ppg
Bradley 1954John Riley,6'2,2 ppg
Bradley 1954Harvey Babetch,6'2,6.1 ppg
Bradley 1954Jerry Hansen,6'4,5.4 ppg
Bradley 1954Barney Kilcullen,6'9,2.4 ppg
Buffalo 2019Davonta Jordan,6'2,7.4 ppg
Buffalo 2019Jayvon Graves,6'3,9.7 ppg
Buffalo 2019CJ Massinburg,6'3,18.2 ppg
Buffalo 2019Jeremy Harris,6'7,14 ppg
Buffalo 2019Nick Perkins,6'8,14.7 ppg
Buffalo 2019Dontay Caruthers,6'1,8.6 ppg
Buffalo 2019Ronaldo Segu,6'0,2.1 ppg
Buffalo 2019Jeenathan Williams,6'5,3.2 ppg,NBA
Buffalo 2019Tra'Von Fagan,6'8,1.3 ppg
Buffalo 2019Montell McRae,6'10,5.6 ppg
Charlotte 1977Melvin Watkins,6'3,9.6 ppg
Charlotte 1977Chad Kinch,6'4,15.4 ppg,NBA
Charlotte 1977Kevin King,6'7,11.1 ppg
Charlotte 1977Lew Massey,6'6,19.7 ppg
Charlotte 1977Cedric Maxwell,6'8,22.3 ppg,NBA
Charlotte 1977Jeff Gruber,6'2,5.6 ppg
Charlotte 1977Lee Whitfield,6'2,0.6 ppg
Charlotte 1977Mike Hester,6'7,3.1 ppg
Charlotte 1977Ken Angel,6'8,1.1 ppg
Charlotte 1977Phil Scott,6'8,3.1 ppg
Drake 1969Willie McCarter,6'3,20.4 ppg,NBA
Drake 1969Dolph Pulliam,6'4,13.3 ppg
Drake 1969Al Williams,6'6,8.8 ppg,NBA
Drake 1969Willie Wise,6'5,14.6 ppg,NBA
Drake 1969Rick Wanamaker,6'9,4.4 ppg
Drake 1969Don Draper,6'0,12.3 ppg
Drake 1969Gary Zeller,6'2,6.3 ppg,NBA
Drake 1969Ron Gwin,6'2,2.6 ppg
Drake 1969Larry Sharp,6'9,1.6 ppg
Drake 1969Garry Odom,6'8,3.8 ppg
James Madison 2024Michael Green,6'0,11.5 ppg
James Madison 2024Noah Freidel,6'4,10.9 ppg
James Madison 2024Terrence Edwards,6'6,17.2 ppg
James Madison 2024Julien Wooden,6'8,9.8 ppg
James Madison 2024TJ Bickerstaff,6'9,15.8 ppg
James Madison 2024Bryant Randleman,6'4,1.7 ppg
James Madison 2024Xavier Brown,6'2,7 ppg
James Madison 2024Quincy Allen,6'8,3.8 ppg
James Madison 2024Raekwon Horton,6'6,7 ppg
James Madison 2024Jaylen Carey,6'8,6.8 ppg
Liberty 2023Colin Porter,5'9,7.8 ppg
Liberty 2023Darius McGhee,5'9,22.8 ppg
Liberty 2023Joseph Venzant,6'3,4.2 ppg
Liberty 2023Kyle Rode,6'7,10.9 ppg
Liberty 2023Blake Preston,6'9,6.7 ppg
Liberty 2023Brody Peebles,6'2,7.4 ppg
Liberty 2023Jonathan Jackson,6'4,1.4 ppg
Liberty 2023Isiah Warfield,6'5,2.9 ppg
Liberty 2023Zach Cleveland,6'7,3.4 ppg
Liberty 2023Shiloh Robinson,6'7,7.6 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Edgar Padilla,6'2,8.9 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Carmelo Travieso,6'2,12.6 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Donta Bright,6'6,14.5 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Dana Dingle,6'7,10.1 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Marcus Camby,6'11,20.5 ppg,NBA
Massachusetts 1996Charlton Clarke,6'3,1.4 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Tyrone Weeks,6'7,5.8 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Rigoberto Nunez,6'7,0.5 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Inus Norville,6'9,2.4 ppg
Massachusetts 1996Ted Cottrell,6'9,0.9 ppg
Nevada 2004Todd Okeson,6'0,11.2 ppg
Nevada 2004Kirk Snyder,6'6,18.8 ppg,NBA
Nevada 2004Garry Hill-Thomas,6'4,9.8 ppg
Nevada 2004Kevinn Pinkney,6'10,9.4 ppg,NBA
Nevada 2004Nick Fazekas,6'11,12.6 ppg,NBA
Nevada 2004Kyle Shiloh,6'3,1.8 ppg
Nevada 2004Seth Taylor,6'3,1 ppg
Nevada 2004Marcelus Kemp,6'5,4.6 ppg
Nevada 2004Jermaine Washington,6'5,4.1 ppg
Nevada 2004Sean Paul,6'9,3.4 ppg
New Mexico 1974Wendell Taylor,6'1,9.1 ppg
New Mexico 1974Gabe Nava,6'2,10.2 ppg
New Mexico 1974Mark Saiers,6'7,11.1 ppg
New Mexico 1974Bernard Hardin,6'5,17.1 ppg
New Mexico 1974Bill Hagins,6'7,12.5 ppg
New Mexico 1974Pat King,6'0,3.4 ppg
New Mexico 1974Bob Toppert,6'4,4.7 ppg
New Mexico 1974Bruce Battle,6'5,3.7 ppg
New Mexico 1974Rich Pokorski,6'6,8.3 ppg
New Mexico 1974Paul Kruse,7'2,3 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Jimmy Collins,6'2,24.3 ppg,NBA
New Mexico St. 1970Chito Reyes,6'6,8.2 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Roy Neal,6'6,5.5 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Jeff Smith,6'8,12.8 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Sam Lacey,6'10,17.7 ppg,NBA
New Mexico St. 1970Charlie Criss,5'8,12.5 ppg,NBA
New Mexico St. 1970Milt Horne,6'0,4.4 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Bill Moore,6'3,2 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970John Burgess,6'5,4.7 ppg
New Mexico St. 1970Lonnie Lefevre,6'8,1.3 ppg
Oregon St. 1982William Brew,6'1,9.2 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Lester Conner,6'4,14.9 ppg,NBA
Oregon St. 1982Danny Evans,6'5,11.3 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Charlie Sitton,6'8,12.9 ppg,NBA
Oregon St. 1982A.C. Green,6'9,8.6 ppg,NBA
Oregon St. 1982Alan Tait,6'2,0.5 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Jamie Stangel,6'7,1.4 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Jeff Wilson,6'7,1.2 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Rob Holbrook,6'8,6.7 ppg
Oregon St. 1982Greg Wiltjer,6'11,5.4 ppg
Richmond 2011Kevin Anderson,6'0,16.6 ppg
Richmond 2011Cedrick Lindsay,6'1,4.4 ppg
Richmond 2011Kevin Smith,6'5,3.9 ppg
Richmond 2011Justin Harper,6'10,17.9 ppg,NBA
Richmond 2011Dan Geriot,6'9,9.5 ppg
Richmond 2011Derrick Williams,6'6,1.7 ppg
Richmond 2011Darien Brothers,6'3,7.6 ppg
Richmond 2011Francis-Cedric Martel,6'6,4.6 ppg
Richmond 2011Darrius Garrett,6'9,1.9 ppg
Richmond 2011Josh Duinker,6'11,1.8 ppg
Temple 1958Guy Rodgers,6'0,20.1 ppg,NBA
Temple 1958Bill Kennedy,5'11,13.5 ppg
Temple 1958Mel Brodsky,6'2,10.9 ppg
Temple 1958Tink Van Patton,6'8,6.6 ppg
Temple 1958Jay Norman,6'3,13 ppg
Temple 1958Joe Goldenberg,5'7,1.4 ppg
Temple 1958Jack Peepe,6'2,1.1 ppg
Temple 1958Ophie Franklin,6'4,2.1 ppg
Temple 1958Pete Goss,6'7,1.3 ppg
Temple 1958Dan Fleming,6'6,5 ppg
Tulsa 2000Tony Heard,6'0,9.7 ppg
Tulsa 2000Marcus Hill,6'5,11.2 ppg
Tulsa 2000Greg Harrington,6'2,10.8 ppg
Tulsa 2000Eric Coley,6'5,11.3 ppg
Tulsa 2000Brandon Kurtz,6'10,11.2 ppg
Tulsa 2000Dante Swanson,5'10,5.5 ppg
Tulsa 2000Antonio Reed,5'10,1.8 ppg
Tulsa 2000Kevin Johnson,6'7,2.4 ppg
Tulsa 2000Charlie Davis,6'7,2.5 ppg
Tulsa 2000David Shelton,6'6,13.5 ppg
Washington St. 2008Taylor Rochestie,6'1,10.4 ppg
Washington St. 2008Derrick Low,6'2,14.1 ppg
Washington St. 2008Kyle Weaver,6'6,12.2 ppg,NBA
Washington St. 2008Robbie Cowgill,6'10,7.3 ppg
Washington St. 2008Aron Baynes,6'10,10.4 ppg,NBA
Washington St. 2008Thomas Abercrombie,6'6,1.2 ppg
Washington St. 2008Stephen Sauls,6'3,2.1 ppg
Washington St. 2008Daven Harmeling,6'7,5.6 ppg
Washington St. 2008Caleb Forrest,6'8,3.4 ppg
Washington St. 2008Nikola Koprivica,6'7,2.5 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Dwight Smith,6'5,16.1 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Clem Haskins,6'3,20.4 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Wayne Chapman,6'6,13.3 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Greg Smith,6'5,9.5 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Steve Cunningham,6'5,15.1 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Mike Fawcett,5'10,2.1 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Butch Kaufman,5'10,4 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Norm Weaver,6'5,2.9 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Pearl Hicks,6'7,2.3 ppg
Western Kentucky 1966Jack Butler,6'5,1.8 ppg

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